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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 17 – Raw Meat, Burnt Fish and Undressed Salad

Russell and Sabrina are trying to get Trev to communicate in the kitchen. Sabrina likes the power, which is probably a reflection on her youth, and is continually calling out for him to tell her how much longer every 15 seconds. I can imagine that it is incredibly unnerving for him. However his comment, about how to shut up a whiny little bitch, again gets the sock treatment. He wants to put a bullet between her eyes. Chef Ramsay yells at the both of them. Chef Ramsay is constantly going back to them with unacceptable food.

Chef Ramsay decides to move ahead to entrees even though all appetizers are not out. Russell is on meat station, Jillian on garnish, and Gail on fish. Gail has had problems in the past on the fish station; hopefully for her things will go smoother tonight. Her first halibut is brought up to the pass in a burnt pan dripping with oil. The fish is actually stuck to the pan as Chef Ramsay turns it on its side to show the grease dripping out of it. He throws the pan down and almost hits himself in the face with flying tongs.

Chef Ramsay tells everyone to stop and come to the front. He is disgusted and yells at everyone but Russell and Jillian. Nona has to be happy she is in the dining room. Entrees are flying out of the kitchen thanks to Jillian, Russell and Nona. Appetizers are still trying to go out. Sabrina is having trouble with salads. Chef Ramsay calls Sabrina a little bitch; he thinks she has given up. I think she is finally in over her head. She brings two salads up to the pass that have no dressing on them. Trev goes over there and starts adding more and more dressing and finally they go out properly.

Jillian makes over-salted potatoes, followed by Gail bringing up a sizzle pan of grilled salmon. Again Chef Ramsay turns her pan on its side; enough water for fish stock comes off of the pan. Chef Ramsay tells her he didn’t ask for poached salmon. He turns to Russell looking for his Wellingtons, who brings up raw chunks of meat with white gooey fat. I will never understand why someone would look at their dish, know that it is raw, and bring it to Chef Ramsay. It makes no sense. They would be better off saying “I want it to be perfect, 3 more minutes.” Chef Ramsay tells him to get his eyes checked.

Chef Ramsay is livid, believing everyone has given up. He tells them after the next chef makes an error, the entire kitchen will be shut down. Everything is flowing nicely until Russell brings up a raw rib eye, not underdone, it’s raw. The kitchen is shut down.

Chef Ramsay tells everyone to choose two for elimination. Trev thinks that the failure of the appetizer station lies on Sabrina’s shoulders. Russell and Jillian believe that appetizers screwed the flow of the kitchen from the beginning and that Trev and Sabrina need to go. Trev wants Gail and Sabrina nominated. Sabrina wants Gail and Trev nominated. Nona is not voting because she wasn’t in the kitchen. Russell announces that with 3 votes a piece Sabrina and Trev go up.

Jillian turns to Gail and tells her she really messed up the garnish station because she wouldn’t communicate. Sabrina asks if she is changing her vote. Russell won’t allow her to change her vote. Sabrina follows Jillian into the bathroom to plead her case. She says fish is really easy and this is two services in a row that Gail failed on the station. Not like dressing a salad I guess.

Jillian goes out to the other contestants and announces she is going to change her vote. She is voting for Gail instead of Sabrina. Russell tells Nona Gail and Sabrina are tied and she is going to have to be the tie breaker to see who goes up with Trev.

Back in the dining room Chef Ramsay asks Sabrina who the first nominee is and why. She says Trev, because he held appetizers up. She is asked for a second nomination and says that the team nominated her for the same reason. Chef Ramsay calls them both down.

Trev believes he should stay because he didn’t give up. Sabrina believes she should stay because she has never made the same mistake twice. She points out that her and Trev don’t get along and that is why they had problems. She thinks they should both stay and Gail should go home. This catches Chef Ramsay by total surprise. She continues attacking Gail, pointing out that she is an Executive Chef and cannot get through the fish station. Sabrina is crying, and doesn’t believe she should go home.

In a last ditch effort to stay in the competition Sabrina defends Trev. This has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen on this show. Her defense for doing badly was that she couldn’t work with the guy, and now she is saying he should stay. It’s a bit like selling your soul if you ask me.

Chef Ramsay calls Sabrina’s name. He tells her he appreciates her hard work and that she needs to grow up both inside and outside the kitchen. He sends Trev back in line and instructs Gail to wake up. Gail and Trev recognize they can’t have another service like the last one. Nona is feeling confident.

Next week’s teaser has Chef Scott and Chef Ramsay leaving in the middle of service.

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