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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 17 – Raw Meat, Burnt Fish and Undressed Salad

For presentation Sabrina is given one 8, three 7’s and Chef Ludo gives her a 6, which adds up to 35. The chefs seem to agree on taste, stating that garlic is not what you want to be tasting at the start of a meal. Chef Ludo doesn’t mind the garlic flavor and thinks it was great; the love affair is back on. Her taste scores are four 7’s and an 8 from Chef Ludo. That brings Sabrina’s grand total to 70.

Jillian is next and presents Grilled Pita with Lemon Dill Sauce and Grilled Vegetables. The chefs think that the presentation is boring; one even stated their mom could do that. Her total score for presentation is 32. The flavor goes over no better, and is also boring. She receives 33 for taste. Her total is 65.

Nona makes Shrimp and Grits. They think she could have been more inventive. She gets a total score of 34 on presentation and 33 on taste. She scores a total score of 67.

Russell brings something completely different to the table. He has a broth that he is serving in an amuse-bouche spoon, very sophisticated. It is a bright green color with finely slivered radishes. He gets a perfect score for presentation. For taste he also scores a perfect score. His total is obviously 100.

Trev is up last. He is presenting Frog Legs in a black and red bowl. Chef Ludo smiles when the dish is presented to him. Trev tells the judges that Chef Ramsay said to go for it and let it go, and that is what he did. Chef Cimarusti says he doesn’t know what he had to do to make a frog leg look like that. He continues, almost laughing, saying he had no idea what it even was until he was told. It looks like a frog leg a mother bird would feed to her eaglet, if you get me. Chef Tracht thinks maybe he put the frog in the blender. Everyone is getting quite a laugh out of it all. Chef Ludo sums it all up by saying if someone served that to him in a restaurant he doesn’t think he would want to stay.

Trev should have stuck to bar food and served up a golden miniature corn dog on an onion ring, maybe with a sprinkling of peanuts to garnish the top. He scores a 31 on presentation and remarks that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. After tasting the dish Chef Cimarusti says that the only positive thing about it is that it was very small. Ouch. He scores 31 again on taste. His combined score is 62, which is the lowest of the day. Somehow he will find a way to blame the women for his failure. He handles this failure the same way he handles all the others. He gives the Michelin Starred Chefs the finger to the diary cam.

Russell is the clear winner. His reward is a tour of the LA Market; this is the restaurant in which they are all hope to become the head chef of. Russell also gets to pick one person to join him; he chooses Gail since she finished second. Russell and Gail arrive at LA Market and are greeted by Kerry Simon, Executive Chef. He will personally be giving them the tour. After the tour, they are joined by Chef Ramsay for lunch. Gail and Russell both tell Chef Ramsay that experiencing the LA Market has fueled their desire to win. Chef Ramsay tells them to take advantage of that.

Back at home, Jillian, Nona, Sabrina and Trev are cleaning the dorms. They will follow that with the prepping of the kitchen. Nona seems to be working her tail off in the bathroom. Sabrina, in true form, is walking around the dorm with a feather duster. She is dusting the giant stuffed animals the gals won at the amusement park reward. The losers have now moved down to the kitchen. I have once again tossed the sock. Trev is not helping anyone. He is sick of the loser women who know nothing. He had chefs laughing right to his face about something he prepared and still doesn’t get it. He believes he is always covering everyone else.

Gail and Russell get back and change into their black coats to join the others for dinner service. Chef Ramsay tells them they have to prove to him that they deserve to be there. He reiterates teamwork and communication, and asks Nona to go out to the dining room and serve Steak Diane tableside tonight. Steak Diane is a pan-seared filet mignon. Nona is excited; Jillian wishes Trev was sent out there.

Chef Ramsay tells them that he wants them to get excited and pulls out a domed platter. Underneath is the years’ salary for the winner of Hell’s Kitchen this season. One lump sum of $250,000 cash is on the platter. He tells them if that doesn’t drive them, nothing will. The doors open for service.

Trev and Sabrina are put on appetizers together. Oh boy, that spells trouble. The first ticket is up; Sabrina sends up burnt risotto. Gail follows up with under-colored scallops. Trev isn’t concerned because he rocks on appetizers. He thinks he is the king of lobster spaghetti. Unfortunately for him, Chef Ramsay thinks he should be kicked out of the court. He brings up overcooked pasta and stewed lobster. I guess Chef Ramsay didn’t get the note about Trev being king. Russell goes over to help, but it isn’t accepted. Trev then yells at Sabrina when she asks how long. Chef Scott has had enough, he walks off the pass and screams at Trev to shut up and cook his pasta.