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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 17 – Raw Meat, Burnt Fish and Undressed Salad

The show starts off tonight with the final six celebrating the black jacket status. For anyone that has never watched before, the black jacket signifies that they will all be working in one kitchen now. I do not ever remember a season where there were so many women. Never in a million years, after the first episode, would I have thought Sabrina would have made it to final six. Not only has she made it but she is starting to turn my opinion of her around. I still think she is way too young to run a kitchen and be a spokesperson for a vineyard though. I don’t think Gail really has the drive or desire for such a daunting task.

Trev is just a chauvinist, and Russell, while qualified, seems incredibly aggressive and too eager to throw someone else under the bus, not qualities of a good leader. Maybe now that he is not on Team Testosterone he will come down a little. He did just do quite a bit of jumping up and down with the girls. I like Jillian and Nona, although they have had their moments of failures also. They are both rather quiet and it will be interesting to see how they lead the pass when that challenge comes up. Out of all that are left, Russell, a nicer kinder one maybe, or Nona, would be my choice.

The chefs go upstairs to the dorm and are greeted with some private label red wine. Everything looks happy and peaceful with the black team for now. I wonder how long that will last?

I forgot to mention I now keep a rolled up sock with me to throw at the TV screen when I watch this show. My husband didn’t appreciate the slipper thrown at the plasma a few weeks back. Not even five minutes into the show and I have to get up out of my comfy chair and go pick up the sock. I need to train one of my spoiled dogs to retrieve the sock for Mommy.

All the chefs have gone to sleep except for one lone chimney, Trev. Need I say more really? He is bewildered that “4 chicks” made the black team. He says it with such disdain; it is really disturbing to me. He definitely is this season’s Benjamin. They must cast it like this. He wants to drive a stake through the harem and outperform them. The only reason he is still here is because the red team, minus his sorry butt, won the service. There goes the sock again; maybe I can put a string on it like a yoyo.

Morning comes early and the chefs all go downstairs to face their first individual challenge. They must each create their own original Amuse Bouche. This is a small pop in your mouth, one- bite, sampling that diners are usually given to start their meal as a gift from the chef. Chef Ramsay calls it a one bite wonder.

Chef Ramsay has brought in guest judges to help. The first is Ludo Lefebvre, chef/owner of Ludobites. Sabrina is smitten with him. She thinks he is like a chef god, sent from the heavens. The Hatfields are also judges, Quinn and Karen are owner/chefs of Hatfields. Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a Chef McCoy! There are a lot of judges this morning; I guess each is going to rate one of the contestants. Next up is the chef/owner of Jar, Suzanne Tracht. She is followed by Michael Cimarusti, chef/owner of Providence. There are many Michelin Stars in the dining room. Jillian is nervous and jokes that she thought Michelin was a tire. I say jokes because I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t know what all chefs dream of getting.

These aspiring chefs will be judged on presentation and taste. Chef Ramsay only asks them to make 5 portions, meaning he will not taste them, which I find odd. They have 30 minutes, and he tells them to let their imaginations run. Each of the judges will score the dish first on presentation with a 1 – 10 rating system. The same scale will then be used on taste. The maximum score would then be 100.

Gail has made Sesame Chicken Spring Roll. The first thing that I notice is unless you have a really big mouth this is not a simple one bite. On presentation she gets three 8’s and two 10’s, for a total of 44. They also liked the taste of it. She earned three 9’s and two 8’s. Gail has a total combined score of 87.

Sabrina is a mess when she gets up there, visibly nervous and tongue-tied. She made Pressed French Bread with Salmon and Carrots. She actually exchanges dishes for a nicer one for Chef Ludo and gives the uglier one to a woman. Sabrina is in love, going as far as to call him a masterpiece. Chef Tracht thinks it looks interesting and maybe a bit Christmasy. Chef Ludo is disappointed with the presentation; Sabrina is no longer in love. He says she should have put some love on the plate.