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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 14 – Ali Baba and the 40 Extra Winks

Chad and Stephanie ask for help with directions to follow, and Chad and Stephanie get help from the cousin of the person they’re trying to deliver theirs to. They get theirs delivered first, and Stephanie remarks whatever happens, Jill and Thomas find a way to weasel in. Jill and Thomas get their next clue, and it tells them to make their way to the Muttrah Souqa, a renowned market, where a vendor will hand them frankencense. They’ll delivery that to the famous ali baba and exchange the frankencense for the next clue. Chad and Stephanie get their water delivered directly after.

Nick and Vicki somehow get to the right place to pick up their water and truck, so maybe they weren’t following one of the other teams like they made it seem. Right after they arrive, Brook and Claire do. Both teams get their water and are searching for the address. Kat is looking for the ring in the lamp, as Gary and Mallory finally arrive at Jebel Shams.

Chad/Stephanie and Jill/Thomas arrive back at their cars and take off for Muttrah Souqa. Kat continues to have a problem searching through the lamps. She finally finds one, and they leave on their way to the Detour. Gary and Mallory pass them and realize they’re still in it. Gary tells his daughter she’s doing this Roadblock.

Chad/Stephanie and JillThomas get to the market. Jill and Thomas get their frankencense first, followed by Chad and Stephanie. They’re both searching for ali baba. Mallory rappels down and starts searching through lamps. Brook and Claire find a local to help them find the right address they’re delivering to, and Nick and Vicki find the same. Mallory continues to search through lamps as the Doctors reach the giant stack of books and decide to do Water Table.

Brook and Claire get their water delivered and head back to pick up their car. Nick and Vicki do the same. Mallory continues her search and finally finds a ring, as they head to the giant stack of books. Jill and Thomas find Ali Baba and get the next clue telling them to head to Al Alam Palace, the pit stop for this leg of the Race. Chad and Stephanie get theirs delivered right after. Jill and Thomas find a driver to follow, promsing to pay, and the Doctors get their water picked up and start searching for the address.

Jill and Thomas are the first team to arrive on Phil’s mat, but have incurred a 30 minute penalty for braking the rule of paying a taxi driver to lead them to a location. They know they lost first place, as Chad and Stephanie come running in to be team number one. That is amazing. Jill and Thomas obviously don’t feel so. They’ve won a trip to Belize. Phil asks about Chad proposing, and Stephanie says it couldn’t have been a better day to get engaged, then travel around with her fiancé, and finally win a trip to Belize. Jill and Thomas finally get checked in as team number two, and are ticked.

Brook and Claire get stopped by the police for going the wrong way down a one way street. Nick and Vicki get their frankencense and start searching for ali baba. Gary and Mallory arrive at the giant stack of books and decide to do the water challenge. No one is in a cooking mood today. She says she was entered in the Miss Kentucky pageant for three years and won it in her last year, so she knows you can’t ever give up.

Brook and Claire arrive at the market and receive their frankencense and start searching for ali baba. Nick and Vicki find him and get their clue to head to the pit stop. Brook and Claire finish right after them. Gary and Mallory get their water and head to the delivery address.

Nick and Vicki arrive on the mat to be team number three, and Brook and Claire arrive in fourth place, attacking Phil. The Doctors get their water delivered and head to the market. Gary and Mallory see Nat and Kat again and realize they’re still in it as they get their water delivered. Both teams are searching for ali baba with the Doctors finding him first, just before Gary and Mallory.

Both teams are driving to the pit stop. Gary and Mallory pass by the Doctors and are definitely excited. Both teams seem to arrive at the same time, but you never know with the editing. The first team to arrive on Phil’s mat are the Doctors to take fifth place. Gary and Mallory run in right after and are named the last to arrive and are eliminated.

Mallory says it was one of the best experiences and it was special to spend it with her dad. He calls her the boy he never had and says it was special to do it with her. Mallory knows you only have one life to live and have to live it like it’s your own one. I’m really happy they got to spend this time together, but doesn’t it cheapen it somewhat for him to call her the boy he never had?

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