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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 14 – Ali Baba and the 40 Extra Winks

The Doctors are wondering if they should stop and ask for directions, as they’re feeling like they’re in the middle of nowhere. Gary doesn’t think they’ve done right and thinks it was a “fatal decision,” to head to the north side. Mallory doesn’t understand that, as it’s right where it showed to go on the map. Jill finishes her rappel, calling it insane, and starts searching for a ring. Chad finds one, delivers it, and gets the next clue, telling them to drive to a giant stack of books statue to get the next clue. Jill finds a ring right after this, turns it in, and gets the clue.

Nick and Vicki are just arriving, and as they’re reading the clue, a goat keeps eating it. Nick can’t stand heights, so Vicki will be doing it, as she’s not scared of anything but bugs. As Jill and Thomas are leaving, they pass Brook and Claire just arriving. Surprisingly, Claire decides to do it. Remember, she’s the one who got shot in the face with a watermelon in the first Roadblock.

Gary and Mallory have gotten directions, and he thinks they should ditch the map altogether. She is definitely frustrated. Vicki rappels down and starts the search for a ring, as Claire starts her descent. She’s trying not to look down.

Chad and Stephanie arrive at the large stack of books, followed closely behind by Jill and Thomas. They find a Detour – Water Table or Wedding Table. Right away, with their news of the day, Chad and Stephanie should be doing the second one, just based on the name. In Water Table, teams will pump water from an ancient well, and when the truck is full, they’ll go through the confusing streets to find the right address for their delivery. In Wedding Table, teams will head to an Arabic market and purchase 25 frozen ingredients, as well as the rest of what’s needed to make a traditional wedding soup. When the soup is prepared, and they present it to a bride and groom, they’ll get the next clue.

Oddly, Chad and Stephanie decide to do Water Table. Jill thinks cooking could be time-consuming, plus thinks Thomas is clueless in the kitchen. Claire and Vicki are both searching for a ring, with Vicki finding it first, just before Claire finds one as well. Nick and Vicki have a flat as they try to leave back down the mountain with their safety driver, and when she asks how they’ll fix it, he says, “Yeah, on a hill … good luck.” It seems like their driver and Nick fix the tire together, and they’re on their way in what seems to be a very short time.

Gary and Mallory are still driving to Jebel Shams, and he’s hoping they can make up some of the time they lost. Mallory tells him she doesn’t know what to say, obviously feeling guilty for insisting that entire time that they were going the right way. Nick and Vicki are probably very happy right now to have not followed them. Meanwhile, the Doctors haven’t been seen in quite some time.

Chad and Stephanie reach the Water Table challenge, as once again Jill and Thomas are right behind them. As he’s parking, she tells him to be careful, and he asks, “Be careful of what? I’m driving.” Both teams fill up with their water quickly, and start driving to deliver the water. There’s a driver in the truck, and Chad asks if he’s allowed to help them deliver the water, then answers his own question, “Of course not.” Jill tells their driver to go to a gas station to get directions.

Brook and Claire arrive at the stack of books, and Brook notes you would think girly girls like them would be cooks, but they’re not, so they’ll do Water Table. The Doctors finally show up at Jebel Shams, and Nat is terrified of heights, and from the beginning they had a deal that Kat would be doing any Roadblock with heights, so she’ll be doing this one.

Gary and Mallory are still driving. He notes during the whole Race so far, they haven’t had a map. He’s a pilot; he likes maps, but it cost them this time. He apologizes for being disappointed, and she tells him it’s not his fault. She knows she wouldn’t have gotten this far without him.

Chad and Stephanie ask for help at a gas station, without luck, so they head somewhere else. Jill and Thomas have better luck and follow someone to the correct address. Nick and Vicki find the stack of books and head to Water Table. He sees the water truck of either Chad/Stephanie or Jill/Thomas, and starts following them, saying he knows they’re going the same place, so he knows they just made up time. Does he realize he needs to get the water … and a truck first?

Brook and Claire wonder how far behind they are. Kat is rappelling down the mountain and jokes she’ll enjoy the view better at the bottom. She never knew much about Oman until a few days before, but this is absolutely taking her breath away.


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