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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 14 – Ali Baba and the 40 Extra Winks

Last week it was quite sad to have to say goodbye to father and son, Michael and Kevin. They were so much fun on the Race and just brought so much character to it. Kevin has to be kicking himself at least a little for not reading that clue more closely. He was just driven so much by his desire to win that he didn’t look enough at the actual play of the game.
Tonight, the first team to leave St. Petersburg, Russia, are Nat and Kat, aka the Doctors, at 1:06 AM. They get a clue telling them to fly to Muscat, Oman, and make their way to Burj Al Mubkharah to find a man who will give them an ingot with their inscribed time to climb a fort and receive their next clue the following morning. Nat knew running the Race as a diabetic was going to be a challenge, but she’s gotten crafty at knowing how to work their schedule to make sure she’s safe and can do everything they want to. They’re heading to a travel agency before hitting the airport.

Brook and Claire, the HSN hosts, leave at 1:28 AM and also head to a travel agency. Claire knows she won’t ever be as fast as Brooke, and thinks the only reason she is pushing herself this hard is because she doesn’t want to disappoint her. As she sees her little neon backpack zooming all over, she just tells her to keep running.

Nick and Vicki leave just a minute later, and he notes he’s constantly stressed out of his mind. He doesn’t like to make new friends even. They’re on their way to a hotel to check flights. Nat and Kat arrive at a travel agency and are told the fastest way is through Amsterdam, where they will arrive in Muscat at 8:55 PM.

Gary and Mallory leave at 1:46 AM, and she talks about how nice it is just to spend time alone with her dad, as she has three brothers and sisters. Brook/Claire and Nick/Vicki arrive at the same travel agency where the Doctors are booking their flight. Jill and Thomas leave at 1:53 AM, and he calls starting off at the back of the pack not a great place to be. He knows they need to make less mistakes. She just wants to be first place again.

Jill and Thomas arrive at the same travel agency, and the other teams are beginning to wonder where Chad and Stephanie are, as no one has seem them yet. We knew they were a bit behind the other teams. We get a camera shot saying they’re the last to depart at 2:45 AM, but they’re not at the pit start. Next is a shot of a hotel room door, and the snoring we hear definitely sounds male. It looks like someone is sleeping through their departure time.

The Doctors get their tickets, as do Brook and Claire. The other teams are told there are no more seats on the flight. Gary and Mallory get a flight landing at 10:35 PM, as do Jill and Thomas, and Nick and Vicki, but Gary isn’t so sure they’ll make it, as they were told they’d be lucky to get on the flight. Meanwhile, there is still snoring coming out of Chad and Stephanie’s room, and they’re fifty-eight minutes late so far to pit start.

At the airport, everyone is still wondering about Chad and Stephanie and guessing they overslept. Claire knows it would be her worst nightmare, and Brook doesn’t even want to talk about it.

One hour and fifty-two minutes after the pit start, Stephanie wakes Chad up and stops his snoring. He notes they’re nearly two hours late, because they were just zonked out. He recognizes they keep shooting themselves in the foot. They finally leave the pit stop at 4:45 AM. She thinks the Race is really taking a toll on their relationship, and he thinks it’s totally taking them out of their game. They get to the travel agency and are told Amsterdam is sold out. Chad notes no one has beat them, and it’s just been them being careless.

The Doctors and Brook and Claire get on the first flight, as Nat mentions that traveling on the first flight out is always more relaxing. Those on the next flight are Nick/Vicki, Jill/Thomas, and Gary/Mallory, and they’re still not sure what happened to Chad and Stephanie, who are still at the travel agency and find a flight arriving at 10:45 PM. They feel lucky to only be ten minutes later than the majority of the teams.


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