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Amazing Race 17 – Ep 8 – Muscat Love

Route Markers
• Boy, did it look hot in Oman. Gary’s shirt was soaked when they reached the mat. I felt uncomfortable just watching them.
• Interesting how the ladies were often seen in sleeves (some rolled up in private moments) and wearing hats and scarves. I assume the location dictated those fashion choices, because if not, then Steph may need a wedding stylist to avoid a repeat of that scarf.
• Sure did enjoy those roving gangs of goats who came up to Racers and ate even ate part of the Tattoo Two’s clue.
• I am growing to like Jill, especially when she gives Thomas these lines – “Lose the attitude for once!”
• The tasks weren’t all that exciting – the roadblock was just a standard rappel task, albeit one done in front of an impressive backdrop. The needle in the haystack addition to it was just something to slow them down a bit, and Aladdin’s ring and lamp? Just a tad stereotypical.
• The Detour could have just been edited to be a regular task as no one elected to do the crazy wedding soup scavenger hunt. The best part of the water task to me was how Thomas actually found the cousin of the guy to whom he was supposed to deliver the water. With that kind of luck, they may be destined to win the whole thing.
• Another favorite moment – Brook accidentally spraying water on the camera. And by definition, probably all over the cameraman too.
• Vicki again rocked a physical challenge – she’s ok as long as no bugs are involved. I hope there’s no Temple of Doom task in Bangladesh.
• Is there anything sadder than a sad Mallory?
• I thought it might have been an extended leg when that random market task was in there after the Roadblock and Detour. Although it did present us with the latest Tattoo Two error – instead of looking for Ali Baba in the Souq (the market), they sought Ali Baba in a suit. Alas, it led to no comedy, but boy, it had potential.
• What did provide comedy? Claire’s water dance. Reminds me of George Carlin’s old bit about the rain dance. Do you need to practice the rain dance? If so, does it rain during practice? If it doesn’t, how do you know you did it correctly. And if it does, why have the dance, just hold a practice.
• I’ve give the Show some crap about the end editing, but this week, I’ll give credit, I actually bought into the drama.

Roadblock – Rappel down the side of a cliff and find one of the genie lamps that contains a ring – Chad, Jill, Vicki, Claire, Kat, Mallory. Poor Chad, he had a ring on him the whole Race, and just when he gives it away, they have to find a new one!

Detour – Water Table (Pump water from a well and deliver it to an address) – Everyone. Or, Wedding Table (Buy 25 frozen chickens and other ingredients in the market and deliver it to a wedding) – No one

Order of Finish – Chad/Steph, Bigfoot and Wife, Tattoo Two, QVC, KNat, Marlory (ELIMINATED)

Next week – It’s not just one U-Turn, it’s a Double U-Turn!!

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