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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 10 – And Then There Was Black

Russell believes Vinnie needs to go. Vinnie thinks Sabina’s time is up. Jillian comes to Sabina’s defense and says it should be Trev. The entire red team thinks he needs to go. Trev sees the potential in himself and knows he can only go higher. LOL, yep when you are down at the bottom you can only get better. Good grief, go have another glass of wine. HE thinks that he is an asset to any team, no matter how you slice it.

Vinnie says “I think yous’ are wrong for picking Trev”. If Vinnie was smart he would get on the Trev-needs-to-go bandwagon, especially since Vinnie’s name is up for grabs with Russell’s nomination. They must have had a bonding moment in the hot tub, because they sure haven’t liked each other all season. Seems like they aren’t going to be able to come to a consensus.

Chef Ramsay asks Russell first. He votes for Vinnie. He says that he did not pull his weight tonight and clearly buried the team. Vinnie thinks Sabrina has been riding the coattails of the girls and thinks she should go. Trev thinks Sabrina should go because of her age. Jillian nominates Trev; she says his attitude sucks. Gail, Nona and Sabrina also vote for Trev. Trev’s only comment is that he has never really been a ladies man. Ya think? Chef Ramsay calls Trev forward. He tells him to take his jacket off, and gives him a black jacket. Ugh.

Chef Ramsay calls Jillian forward for a black jacket. Nona follows for a black jacket. Russell is next, followed by Sabrina. It comes down to Gail and Vinnie; they are both called down. He asks Vinnie why he deserves it, he says he wants it. Gail believes she is a fighter, and her team feels she is an asset.

The last jacket goes to Gail. Vinnie is sent packing, Sabrina waves goodbye as he walks out the door.

Trev announces that once again the girls hung him out to dry, he gives the diary cam the finger and says “f the bitches”. Since when is the word bitches allowed on prime time TV. Boy, things are changing and I don’t like it. Anyway, I can say honestly that if Trev wins this season I will never again watch an episode of anything with Chef Ramsay in it, and I love Chef Ramsay.

Trev shows no respect at all to women; I can only imagine how he would treat a staff that has to work under him. His diary cams since the beginning of the season have been nothing but rude, vulgar remarks about the women. Hopefully next week Russell will join with the majority, and they will finally squeeze his rear end out of there.

In the closing remarks, Chef Ramsay says from the start, he thought Vinnie was the one to beat. Had it been any other customer Vinnie made that mistake with, it might not have mattered as much, but a 2 star Michelin chef / friend was the wrong time to go down in flames.

The coming attractions are calling next week the Hell’s Kitchen Massacre. See you next week.

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