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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 10 – And Then There Was Black

By 10:30 all but 2 chefs are sound asleep. Trev and Vinnie decide the night before a major menu change is a good time to get drunk and hang in the Jacuzzi smoking. By 1:40 they have Russell stirring. He goes to the patio ready to attack but decides to stop and listen. They are plastered. The ashtray is disgustingly full and they show no signs of stopping. I think I would have a hard time not letting them continue on knowing that they are shooting themselves in the foot.

They are talking about how Russell is an angry man and one day that anger is going to cost him and be his downfall. That is the point he decides to confront them and goes out asking if they are serious.

It is kind of strange when Russell does say something. He sounds like a spouse; he says he has been waiting for two hours for them. They don’t seem to care. Personally I think it is unprofessional, but I am not Chef Ramsay.

At 6:15 they wake up to start a new day. Trev is clearly hungover and more careless and sloppy in the kitchen than usual.

The doors open at 6pm. Each customer is given both menus and can order off of either. The red menu features Wild Mushroom Risotto, Vanilla-poached Lobster, and New York Strip.

The blue menu features Ricotta Ravioli (or as my 6 year old calls them, plain cheese ravioli), what a simple dish. It also features Roasted Sea Bass and Grilled Lamb Chops. Trev just knows the orders are going to be rolling in for them.

The first orders are put in. Chef Ramsay walks into blue kitchen and calls out their order. Nothing at all. Over in red they are going to be slammed. All appetizers are going over to red team.

The owner of Melisse comes in and orders from the blue kitchen, because he wants to taste the food of the people that dined in his restaurant yesterday.

Appetizers are flying out of the red kitchen. Blue finally gets an order. Unfortunately Vinnie forgets to put the owner of Malisse’s lamb on the stove and holds up the entire order. In haste, Vinnie brings it up to the pass raw. Chef Ramsay is losing it, so is Vinnie. Russell pushes Vinnie out of the way and does it. Unfortunately it does not taste good, and he is unhappy with the dish.

Gail brings raw lobster to the window, followed by over-cooked, then raw, and so on and so on, six times. Sabrina is slow to start, but cooking perfectly.

Vinnie is moved over to fish and unfortunately he brings raw bass to the pass. Gail still can’t get it right and is sent packing. I am not sure what happened to her, but she sure fell hard and fast. The women finish on a high note. Blue also finished.

Chef Ramsay announces that there is no winning team. He tells everyone to come up with the one individual who should not become a member of the black team. They can choose anybody.