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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 10 – And Then There Was Black

Sabrina and Russell will start off. The three dishes they have to prepare is Tagiatelle Pasta with Mushrooms, Poached Chicken with Green Beans, and Salmon with Lobster Ragout. Russell and Sabrina both decide to roll their pasta and start the proteins. Russell seems to have left half the pasta in the machine. If neatness and presentation are judging factors someone might want to redo his pasta. Jillian and Trev are next in the kitchen. They need to have those three dishes up to the pass at the same time just as if they were ordered for the same table.

The next handoff for blue is to Vinny. Trev has started sauces and beans. The blue kitchen has not yet started their lobster. Unfortunately Trev did not tell Vinny that he didn’t start it. Hopefully for blue he will see it sitting there on a sizzle pan. Vinny decides his time is best served plating up, 15 minutes into the challenge. Over in red Nona is in the kitchen. She is gutting the lobster, poaching chicken, seasoning salmon.

Russell and Gail are next. Gail does nothing but run around and move towels. Russell has not caught that the lobster didn’t go on. They switch again and Sabrina starts the salmon. Sitting in plain site next to the towels and the plates is the blue team’s lobster. Honestly I don’t see how they don’t see it. They should even be able to see it in the dining room while they wait their turns to go.

Vinny and Jillian are finishing the rally. They need to complete plates and bring them to the pass. Vinny finally asks about the lobster. He decides to just cut off the tail and cook that. Poor, poor lobster. Red has everything ready but the salmon. Jillian dropped it on the floor. She also burned her hand in the process. If Gail had done what she was supposed to do the salmon would not have been rushed. They show it close up on the floor and it looks undercooked anyway. Chef Ramsay says it is a shame because the garnish tastes delicious. Chef Ramsay asks Vinny if he seasoned anything. Trev says he did. The men win a point.

The next dish is the pasta. Right away Chef Ramsay complains about the bland, clumpy pasta. He asks Vinny if he tasted anything before he plated and he acknowledges that he did not taste the pasta. The red’s pasta has a little too much sauce but Chef Ramsay says it is delicious. The score is tied one to one.

The chicken dish is last. The blue team prepares their chicken well but the green beans are undercooked. He asked if anyone blanched them in water and Trev says he thought they would have enough time to simmer in stock. He didn’t pass the message on. Red team also has raw beans, again an issue with Gail not passing a message along.

The teams are basically tied; Chef Ramsay awards the win to the men. They win a shopping spree to a cooking star. They are also going to lunch with Chef Ramsay at Melisse. The women have to deal with the dreaded delivery day. Chef Ramsay points out to Jillian that had she not dropped the salmon they would have won. Of course I am sure we will hear how the men think they out-cooked the ladies. Trev informs us that challenges and he go together like PB&J. Yet, had it not been for Vinnie’s quick thinking about the tail, they would have lost because of Trev.

Jillian is really bothered by Gail’s lack of help; she doesn’t want to take the entire burden of the loss. Meanwhile the guys have enjoyed their shopping. It looked like they just threw random objects into bags with no rhyme or reason. Over wine at lunch, Vinnie says to Chef Ramsay that he is sitting with the final three. Chef Ramsay says he can’t lift his glass off the table to that toast.

The ladies are dealing with cases of wine and sacks of potatoes. Normally with this loss there is an ice delivery during dinner service. Chef Scott comes into the kitchen and asks Nona to go upstairs and get the guys. Chef Scott tells everyone that tomorrow night will be their menus. He sends everyone upstairs to create their kitchens menu. They need to come up with four appetizers, four entrees and four desserts. Chef Ramsay wants to see creativityf

Surprisingly Vinnie and Trev are shooting down all of Russell’s suggestions. The same thing is happening to Sabrina. She is worried that the menu is not fine dining.