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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 10 – And Then There Was Black

The last dish up for Rob is halibut; it is brought up raw, and he is finally sent upstairs with the rest of them. It seems appropriate since it appeared he was the first to make mistakes. Trev is the last standing in the blue kitchen and finishes service including dessert. Both kitchens finished.

Chef Ramsay gathers all the chefs and congratulates Jillian and Sabrina for being the standout chefs. Blue team loses, and Trev is asked for two nominees for elimination. Chef Ramsay dismisses everyone to the dorms, but holds Nona back to speak with her. He tells her he was so impressed with her in the challenge and adds she has the most important jewel which is her palate. He tells her not to stand and argue with him when she knows she has made a mistake. This goes back to some filets she threw in a pan to sear; the problem was the pan wasn’t hot. She tried to cover with a lie, but Chef Ramsay called her out on it. She apologizes for being disrespectful, and he sends her on her way. She is very lucky that the blue kitchen had such a bad service.

Trev has to be enjoying his life right now. Not one of those guys spoke with him during prep. Russell and Vinny both refused to work with him, help him, or even talk to him. Now they are kissing his butt because he has the power to send them home. Russell is telling Trev he has his back; flashback to Trev asking for a towel when Russell is folding them. Russell tells Trev he doesn’t have any towels. Rob is worried that Trev is buying it, but if he is buying it he is stupider then I give him credit.

The first person Trev puts up is Rob; this is a given. He tells Chef Ramsay that Rob is the monkey wrench in the kitchen. The second nominee is Russell. Chef Ramsay seems a bit surprised. Trev says Russell was supposed to take the lead tonight, and while he did a lot of yelling, none of it was motivational. Trev adds that for him to send up pink chicken was disappointing.

Chef Ramsay begins by telling Russell that he did not expect a chef of his caliber to send up pink chicken. Russell thinks he did everything well, except for the chicken. Chef Ramsay tells Russell that he is concerned over the widening cracks that are appearing with him. I wonder what he would think of him if he could be a fly in the wall in the kitchen.

Chef Ramsay then turns to Rob; I don’t see what he could possibly do to stay in the kitchen after the horrible service he had. Rob believes he wasn’t the worse chef in the kitchen and points out that Vinny and Russell got thrown out before him. Chef Ramsay asks him who he believes the worst chef was. Rob hesitates; Chef Ramsay says that hesitation makes him presume it was in fact Rob.

Chef Ramsay calls Russell up and tells him to go back in line. Rob is going home. When Russell walks back in line he turns to Trev and says “You almost got bleep” I assume it was a threat that had he gotten sent packing he was going to come after Trev. The guy might be able to cook but he is nothing more than a bully. A bully cannot lead an entire staff. What makes him more despicable to me is that he does everything quietly. If you are a bully at least own it. Everything he does wrong is done quietly behind Chef Ramsay’s back, which leads me to believe that he knows his behavior is bad.

I can’t stand a bully, and a bully with an ego is all the more distasteful. Chef Ramsay tells them to get it together and sends them back to the dorms. Russell is furious and announces that it just got dirty and grimy. Trev does not feel that he threw Russell under the bus. Nona is shocked and believes that the blue team is going to self-destruct. I think she is right.

This second episode starts off with Russell going to the weight machine and lifting, followed by dirty looks and cracking knuckles. I cannot believe this is the way a grown man acts. Vinny is just sitting back, probably staying out of the firing range. Trev recognizes that it is a temper tantrum.

A new day rises. The chefs go down to the dining room and will be faced with a communication and timing challenge. Russell believes he is the only one on his team communicating. He goes on to say that Trev is a spineless rug rat and Vinny doesn’t communicate at all. The challenge will be to cook three of the menu items as a team. The catch is only one member is allowed in the kitchen at a time. They get 5 minutes at a time in the kitchen; they will then be given 15 seconds to communicate what is going on to the next person coming in. In total they are given 30 minutes.