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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 10 – And Then There Was Black

It comes down to Nona and Trev. Trev is giving her some kind of evil eye from the line. Pear is first. Trev and Nona answer apple. Scallops tastes like halibut to Trev; Nona gets it right and ties the score. They both get squash. It comes down to the last food, endive. Trev thinks its arugula. Nona says Endive. Red team wins the challenge. Rob is worried this will come back to haunt him. Nona got three out of four correct, and Chef Ramsay acknowledges her palliate. She becomes teary-eyed. Rob thinks Nona is his kryptonite.

The women are going to Restaurant 14 with Chef Ramsay. They get $2000 to go on a shopping spree to get ready for their lunch. The men are punished by sorting the recyclable things out of the trash. They will then have to prep both kitchens. If they do this loss the way they have in past seasons, they will also be eating a nasty lunch. The guys go outside and are met with a garbage truck filled with trash. They have to open each bag and put it in its correct can. You can tell this is not going to be a morale-boosting event.

The ladies leave for their shopping spree. Jillian thinks they are the Spice Girls of Hell’s Kitchen. They all have interesting taste is all I can say about the outfits they choose. Sabrina is trying on a tight pair of sequin skinny pants, and is concerned whether Chef Ramsay will approve. Jillian is wearing a white I “heart” LA t-shirt with a bleeding heart; Gail has the darker version of the same t-shirt. Sabrina is wearing an off the shoulder shirt and Nona has a sparkly sequin shirt and black pants and jacket. No one really looks good in their new outfits; Chef Ramsay should have included a stylist with the shopping spree.

Back at the parking lot the guys are given their lunch. White bread and individually-wrapped American processed cheese singles. Russell isn’t eating, but it appears Trev is rather enjoying his lunch. Here’s a little tip; those processed cheese slices are great for giving pets pills.

Chef Ramsay joins the ladies for lunch and really tries to rally them to show him they are ready to lead. The red team comes back after a relaxing day, and the guys are still prepping. Vinny and Russell are making it crystal clear to Trev they are not happy he is back in their kitchen. It sounds like Russell is going to throw him under the bus. They just can’t work as a team, even for prep. Russell might be a good chef, but leader quality I don’t think so. Chef Ramsay tells the blue team he has never seen such a bad run of blue team in the history of Hell’s Kitchen.

The doors are opened. Both kitchens are starting out strong. Very quickly the women are on to entrees.

Rob is falling down on fish. Of course it’s not his fault, its Chef Ramsay’s fault for having standards that are too high. The blue kitchen is at a standstill until Rob gets a scallop dish out. The red team is three tickets ahead of blue at this point. Chef Ramsay had to go to the station and cook the scallops.

Sabrina has surprisingly stepped up. I am not sure what surprises me more, the fact that in a positive tone she is leading the women or the fact that they are listening to her.

Rob is now delaying the kitchen with a halibut. Rob again brings raw fish to the pass. Chef Ramsay asks Rob to come with him to the dining room. He tells him he has five minutes to get straight or he is gone. Russell decides it’s time for him to get loud. That is until Chef Ramsay leaves, than Russell shuts up.

Chef Ramsay heads over to red kitchen and shoves Nona off beef and sends her upstairs. Vinny joins her as Chef Ramsay tells him to go upstairs and fix his hair. Russell follows behind bringing raw chicken to the pass. Russell believes the only reason he is up there is because everyone else pissed Chef Ramsay off; it has nothing to do with the raw chicken. It’s kind of ironic that the only two chefs in blue kitchen right now are Trev and Rob.