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Hell's Kitchen, Nov. 10 – And Then There Was Black

It has been a while since we have seen a new episode. Last night I was wondering if I needed to read my recaps so that I could become familiar again with the whole crew; then I remembered it’s simple. Trev and Sabrina are one risotto away from a breakdown. The rest of them are trying to cause said breakdowns. Vinnie is happy with his hair. I think that sums it up.

The last episode ended with Trev being called up after Boris was let go; tonight’s episode begins with Trev being asked to remove his jacket. We can only hope he is sent packing, but my guess is he is going to be sent back to blue. He is told that the girls had a great service despite of him. For a sexist like Trev, that actually might be worse than being asked to leave.

Yep, Trev is sent to blue and told that it is his last chance. Of course, in true Trev fashion, it’s the “chicks” fault he was bad. They hung him out to dry and didn’t have his back. Couldn’t be because he thought he was so much better than the ladies he wouldn’t accept their help. I guess I could maybe understand some of his ego if he was an executive chef, but he is a bartender, line cook.

The next morning the chefs are met with a new task. Chef Ramsay tells everyone that the prize includes being Executive Chef of the dining room and of room service for the Marriott in downtown Los Angeles. At this point, Scott rolls in a cart with dishes found in 5 star hotel room service menus. Chef Ramsay asks them to taste all the dishes. Of the 4 dishes presented to the chefs only one is actually from a room service menu. Will anyone challenge Chef Ramsay and figure it out?

Chef Ramsay bought the chicken salad sandwich from a gas station. The spaghetti is from a food truck; Trev thinks it isn’t bad. The eggrolls are Chinese takeout. The chicken wings are from Chef Ramsay’s restaurant, the London West Hollywood.

Sabrina’s favorite is the eggroll; she liked the ginger dipping sauce. Nona likes the chicken sandwich; I don’t even think it looks good. Rob was a big fan of the wings. They don’t show what everyone thought. Chef Ramsay says that he has learned a lot about them; mainly their palettes need a lot of work. He informs them of what he did, and for some unknown reason everyone is surprised. Don’t people watch the shows before appearing on them? This seem pretty obvious to me. Today’s challenge is one of my favorites, the blind taste test. All the chefs seem excited about it.

Russell and Gail are up first. Grapefruit is up first, they both get it right. Next is Sea Bass; Russell thinks its crab and Gail thinks its salmon. Iceberg lettuce tricks the both of them into thinking it is romaine. Black Truffle tastes like watercress to Gail; the look on Sabrina and Nona’s faces is priceless. Russell earns a point. Blue is ahead by one.

Sabrina and Rob are next; Rob thinks he has it in the bag. White asparagus is first up; Rob and Sabrina both thinks its bok choy. Chef Ramsay makes it simpler with a slice of filet mignon. Rob thinks it is chicken; Chef Ramsay is stunned and says that he eats enough. Sabrina also thinks it is chicken. Trev notes that they have the same palette.

The next item is cheddar cheese. The best part of this challenge is Nona’s faces she is making. Rob thinks its American, and Sabrina says Provolone. Their last chance of redemption is smoked mussels. Rob thinks it is octopus. Russell is going to punch a wall in a minute. Sabrina says “smoked, smoked, umm ham.”

Jillian and Vinny are up next. Hot dog is first up. Vinnie thinks it is smoked ham; Jillian says salami. They both get potatoes and mozzarella. The guys are still ahead by one.