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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 9 – Disco Dust Demolition

Quickfire Hits
• Yigit wants to be the first gay Top Chef and the first San Franciscan Top Chef. And the first man named Yigit to win. And the first Turkish-American. And the first guy who looks EXACTLY like his boyfriend to win. Seriously, am I wrong – the guys look like twins. It’s almost as if his ego is so big that like Adonis he can only fall in love with his reflection.
• Morgan named his kid Zen. That’s just cruel. Why not just name him Stuff Me In A Locker.
• The Piping Bag Controversy. Dumb. Children, stop hoarding toys. Share with the rest of the class, or you get no snack.
• Morgan being clairvoyant – “Zac is the most likely to throw somebody under the bus. He’ll turn your oven off, set your mise en place on fire and stab you in the back.”
• Zac telling Elvis that he was not using disco dust and cooking for the client, and then not doing it, pretty much sealed his fate.
• Morgan being wise – “I made a cake for her before (when Sylvia judged Ep 3) and if I don’t listen to what she said, I deserve to go home.” Elvis praised his decision to not use fondit this time based on that past criticism.
• Extra scene – Morgan’s ritual – He must be the last to leave and close the door. He’s like Nomar at the plate.

Next week – The Finale. Phoenix rising. Someone’s an idiot. Bert and Zac are judging, lovely. Gail is all dolled up and looking quite nice.

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