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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 9 – Disco Dust Demolition

Elimination Challenge – In a hysterical bit of quiet comedy, a little old man named Ben comes in to talk about his 61st Anniversary. The funny part…the unwritten and unspoken looks on the chefs’ faces. The look – which producer invited their grandpa to the competition. Awesome.

Of course, Ben is Ben Winestock and his wife is just one of the most renowned cake artists in the nation. They tell the chefs some details of their life – they met at a beach party, Ben was smitten right away thanks to her yellow bikini. They took a swim together and then went back to her place to smooch under a piano. She wore a grey dress at their wedding and carried pink roses. They have great chemistry and “sex is a wonderful thing.” They have three daughters and six grandchildren. She likes lemon, he loves chocolate.

Morgan – He made a small baby grand piano at the top of the cake, filled with piped pink flowers and a yellow bikini top draped across the piano bench. Nice. He made shells all around the outside of the cake as well.
Top Tier – Lemon Sponge and Raspberry Panna Cotta.
Bottom Tier – Dark Chocolate Sponge with Ganache

Elvis liked the three levels, and Sylvia ( pretty sure I called her Edna Mode last time, but tonight she gets to keep her name. Happy Anniversary.) liked the taste of the yellow and the chocolate. Some guests liked his presentation.

Danielle – She was inspired by the wedding dress and made the cake grey. She adorned it with piano keys spiraling up the side like an Escher staircase. She also made two sets of pink roses – three and six to represent the kids and grandkids.
Chocolate Cake with Sour Cherry Compote and Greek Yogurt Ice Cream

She is the only one of the four not to make a cake to represent Sylvia and one for Ben.
Sylvia just makes yummy sounds, but isn’t a fan of the color, Battleship Grey. Loaf likes the moistness. Elvis jokes that 61 years of marriage needs a battleship.

Zac – He was inspired by, goodness, I have no idea. He tries to sell the abomination as inspired by splashing and whimsy in water, but it’s just butt ugly and gaudy.
Top Tier – Dark Chocolate and Fresh Raspberry
Bottom Tier – Lemon Sponge and Raspberry Jam. the two pieces are tied together by passion fruit ice cream.

Zac knows it is a “visual catastrophe.” Théoden is not a fan of the presentation. Sylvia says it is not elegant. Seriously. Loaf says you address a cake with eyes first and this fails that test. Sylvia thinks it would make a great bar mitzvah cake. And she nails it with that. Elvis likes a surprise praline flavor, but Loaf finds a bad aftertaste.

Yigit – He went with a beach theme, and more pink flowers.
Top Tier – Almond Cake with Chocolate Mousse.
Bottom Tier – Sponge Cake with Lemon Cream.

When Yigit cuts a piece it crumbles and falls apart. Uh oh. Elvis is good with the sorbet cream. Théoden thinks it is all just too complicated, but likes the layers. Sylvia equates the kitchen sink approach of his to a woman going out wearing all of her jewelry at the same time.

At Judges Table, Théoden tells Danielle how imaginative it was and he loved the steps. Loaf praises the moist first bite. Elvis critiques the unappealing choice of grey.

Elvis tells Yigit that he warned him not to do too much, and as a result it was too complicated. However, he likes how Yigit was the only one to flavor his butter cream. Loaf said it was the most elegant of the cakes, but Gail didn’t think the texture worked. Théoden thought the cake was Zac’s mind on the inside (crazy) and Yigit’s technique (elegant) on the outside.

Loaf liked Morgan’s piano and the simple approach, but it lacked acidity. Théoden thought the chocolate part was too dry. Elvis tells him the border was uneven and you could see cracks and shadows. He warns Morgan that going simple means no room for error. Gail thinks he held back.

Théoden liked Zac’s layering and it was put together well. Elvis said the cake represented too much of Ben and Sylvia’s past and childhood, but not where they are today. Elvis thinks it was just too much Zac and not enough Ben and Sylvia.