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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 9 – Disco Dust Demolition

And yet again, I find myself rooting for Morgan even though it’s not like I care for him all that much either. But his response to Zac was mostly perfect, even if he took it a bit too far at the end. He said it was not in his character to “jump up and down, fail about and sing show tunes” and that when he won challenges he’d rather stay composed and not rub it in to the others instead of acting like a little girl. I could have done without the little girl line, but Morgan is spot on everywhere else. And you know Zac didn’t learn, as in his closing confessional he adds that he was “surprised they didn’t bring up how rubbery Morgan’s cake was.” Ass.

Quickfire – Make the Godiva boxes and be judged by Meat Loaf. Oh, hot patootie bless my soul, that wasn’t Meat Loaf it was Francois Payard of Payard Patisserie and Bistro, also known as Morgan’s old boss. The chefs had to make four chocolates representing key moments in life, with the fourth being a Golden Moment that stands apart from the others.

1 – Childhood He chose the flavors here to represent his sister and her husband and their Maine and Virginia roots. Peanut Butter and Wild Blueberry Milk Chocolate Bonbon

2 – Best Friend – This was something strange about going to sushi with his friend Nika and stealing lemons. No clue. Rolled Truffle with Green Tea and Lemon

3 – South Pacific – Represents his friend Reed. White Chocolate with Lemongrass, Lime and Ginger Filling Loaf says it was too flat.

4 – Golden Moment – His parents, these are two of their favorite desserts combined. Dark Chocolate Ganache with Pretzel and Fuilletine. Loaf thinks it was interesting.

1 – Family Vacations They went to Hawaii. Coconut Ganache with Pineapple Jam.

2 – Niece In the shape of heart, of course, for Anna Banana, born on Valentine’s DayMilk Chocolate with Roasted Banana Filling.

3 – Dad In the shape of a baseball, to represent her bond with her dad. Milk Chocolate with Caramel Corn and Peanuts Loaf liked the playfulness, and Gail felt it tasted just like baseball. Where’s the chewing tobacco flavor?

4 – Golden Moment – Representing the opening of her business and the “rocky road” related to it. Almond and Marshmallow Milk Chocolate Nougat.

1 – Culinary School Where he learned his love of pastry Passion Fruit and Milk Chocolate Bonbon

Marriage – His failed marriage to a Brazilian woman, it was “bittersweet.” Clever. Acai Rose Water Jelly on Top of a Bittersweet Ganache.

Top Chef – Represents the pressure of the show, “two plates from each side, crushing my soul. Mendiant with Rocher Filling

Golden Moment His son. Green Tea and White Chocolate Butter Ganache. Gail thinks the tea is strong.

Yigit – Due to some strawberry issues; he fails to plate one of his chocolates.

1 – Nothing. Mwah, mwah.

2 – Turkey to America Inspired by his move to the States. Milk and Dark Chocolate Ganache with Apricot Pale de Fruit

3 – Buddhism – I guess Yigit is a Buddhist. Coconut Milk and Chai Tea Bonbon. Loaf thinks it is quite sweet.

4 – Golden Moment – His boyfriend. Almond Praline and Caramelized Honey Ganache. Loaf likes this one.

Instantly, Loaf declares Zac’s too sweet collection and Yigit’s unfinished collection to be the Bottom Two. So by default, Danielle and her popcorn and pineapple battle with Morgan and his very interesting varied chocolates. Morgan takes home the win, and Danielle mocks his lack of enthusiasm in her confessional. Hey, Dan, read what I said about Zac above. Watch it, Little Miss Stretchy Face.

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