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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 9 – Disco Dust Demolition

The Final Four roared towards the endgame with the inevitability of a Morgan/Zac/Yigit finale clear as day. Danielle and her collection of silly faces had almost been eliminated so many times, there was no way she could penetrate that trio, right?

As they say in sports, that’s why the play the games.

The very creative Reward Challenge had the four chefs create four pieces of chocolate for a mini box of chocolates. I promise no Forrest Gump jokes – you can make your own. Each piece should represent big moments in their lives. The winner gets their best piece of chocolate added to a Godiva box. Lots of fun. It was here that the foundation of Danielle’s upset started to take shape as she and Morgan did a better job on the challenge than the Diva Duo. Danielle was starting to wake up.

At the Elimination Challenge, where a themed anniversary party cake needed to be created, Danielle picked an amazing time to deliver her best dish yet. She continued to have a literal interpretation of these challenges, but in this case she delivered on flavor, something the other three stumbled on. And as Chef Tom likes to say, repeat after me class, this is a cooking competition.

But after watching Zac’s cake take shape, and when I say that I mean take the shape of a monstrous reject from a Disney cruise, it was obvious who was going home. You don’t serve the Cake Queen a Cookie Puss, Zac. In Top Chef and in so many other aspects of life, you have to know your audience. And Sylvia Weinstock is not someone who gets Dora the Explorer cakes. Zac broke this rule and made his cake for her anniversary. He made a double mistake – he offended Sylvia both professionally and personally.

And let me get my parting shots at Zac, because the guy is all about parting shots. I hope you enjoy the fact that Danielle beat you, because the woman you said couldn’t cook and looked like Marilyn Manson just kicked your ass to the curb. So Manson-lady is in the finals and Gay Dexter is not (even though we get more bitchiness next week as Zac acts as a judge). But at least the little guy went out like a grown-up, “manned up” and accepted his defeat with grace.

Oh wait, he didn’t.

He stood before the judges – people who just panned his cake – knowing full well that he was going home. So instead of sucking it up and leaving with his head held high – I mean, Top Four on this show is impressive – Zac lashed out at Morgan for not being enthusiastic. Really, because enthusiasm is always a sign of desire. I’ve never heard Shaq raise his voice in an interview. Ever. And yet on the court, his desire to win is as strong as anyone. Derek Jeter may give the most boring interview on the planet – but he has a desire to win almost unequaled. That move by Zac was rude, obnoxious and sadly, completely in character with his whole run on this show. To Zac, restraint is equal to playing it safe, while to everyone else it is playing to win.

One liners and witty bon mots may be what some people think reality shows are all about, and Zac is one of them, but I’d rather see real people put in these crazy situations acting like real people. Zac is mugging for the camera and I have no patience for reality show contestants who are there solely to attract attention to himself. Why take pride in being an ass on television?