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Amazing Race 17–Ep 7–The Case of the Lost Speed Bump

Route Markers
• Brook’s unbridled joy at everything continues – “I hope I get to wear a leotard!!” Sometimes Claire gives her a priceless look of “when does it end with you” which I wish I could bottle and sell on the open market.
• Were those evil clowns forcing a bear to drink a beer? Where’s PETA when you need them?
• How amusing was it to have every Racer have to finish a task with a clown nose on. It begs the question – is it possible to do anything seriously with a clown nose on? Can a clown nose completely negate a person’s sexiness? Is it possible for Brad Pitt or Megan Fox to maintain their sexiness while wearing a clown nose? Someone get on this already!
• Nick better tone down his “dumb ass” and “moron” comments about his lady. He said he was going to remember Ghana, well, start remembering, dude.
• Meanwhile, Chad called the plates stupid. I am getting tired of him berating things he can’t do as being stupid. At least he’s able to relate to something once it is put in the context of a video game.
• How funny was it that the show put a twist on their old task of going in a tower to look over a city skyline for a clue (I still remember poor AR1’s Lenny in Paris). In this one, the clue was a small figurine of the Church on Spilled Blood. And as the 7th team, Steph went up there without a partner in crime. I was sad for her when Chad found it and chose to rub it in, but it did provide with a great reaction shot (and the prettiest she’s looked on the show) as she said, “I love it when he rubs it in.” Anyone else think that Chad/Steph are going to grow up and be Ralph and Alice Kramden?
• Hey Kevin, Nick didn’t have to tell you a damn thing about where the clue was or how to find it. Perhaps he should have just said, “find it yourself,” but get down of the high horse about lying in a Race for million dollars. But Nick wouldn’t do that because he’s “awesome.”
• Funniest moment – Phil getting knocked down by the flying bat. Phil is quit the physical comedian sometimes.

Detour – Circus Band or Circus Clown
Circus Band – Learn a Russian Folk Song in three parts on the accordion – KNat, Garlory, Chad/Steph, Bigfoot and Wife (flipped from the other task, and then back when Thomas failed to handle the tune).
Circus Clown – Learn how to spin 10 plates simultaneously for 10 seconds – QVC, Tattoo Two, YouTube, and eventually, Bigfoot and Wife.

Roadblock – Play Gorodki – tossing a bat at a formation of pins, and in two tries or less knock them all out of the boxed in area. Do this three times. – Kat, Michael, Brook, Nick, Steph, Thomas, Captain America.

Order of Finish – KNat (five grand each! Go medical school bills!), QVC, Tattoo Two, Garlory, Bigfoot and Wife, Chad/Steph, YouTube (ELIMINATED)

Next week – The Middle East. The Po Po. Someone oversleeps. Chad pops the question.

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