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Amazing Race 17–Ep 7–The Case of the Lost Speed Bump

And the tasks were also good, as they required some skill, and some careful clue reading. There was also no spoon fed transportation this week either. And all of those things led to some great moments.
Bigfoot and Wife had issues with the circus challenges as Thomas was basically the only one who failed to figure out the accordion task. If you have any doubts that KNat is a team to be reckoned with, note how they used math to solve a music challenge. Geeks rule – especially tall hot geek doctors! Points to Steph for coming up with her own version of the plan.

Speaking of that task – great job by the Show to provide yet another Detour where neither task was really an obvious choice. Spinning plates or playing Russian songs on the accordion? I still don’t know what I would do. Although QVC sure did rock the plates, and Gary’s performance here and in the Roadblock makes it clear to me that he is in fact Captain America.

Meanwhile, the Roadblock was an obvious Russian creation. Why? Because only a vodka-soaked society would ever consider combining bowling with bat tossing. And, I am thankful they did. What a fun game! Unless you are Michael, in which case it’s a terrible game. Dad sure struggled with that one – part of the reason YouTube went down the tubes this week. Wow. Even I’m embarrassed by that joke.
It was here that Brook built up her European fan club by shaking her moneymaker while knocking down the pins. Nick and Captain America were naturals as Nick tattooed a mental image of Vicki on the pins, while Captain America burst the pins into oblivion.

This was also an episode infested by clowns – potentially filling the funhouse with evil clowns. I stand by Nick when it comes to clowns, and in fact, I can understand how Nick became Nick with that background. His grandma had a “clown room” with a giant clown face on the wall. Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me. It’s amazing he’s a functioning member of society.

The last part about the episode which deserves high praise is the show’s incredible ability to make teams in each season misread clues. Especially when it relates to transportation. Despite a warning from Dad to read the clue carefully, Kevin failed to notice that using cabs as a guide was a mistake, and that you had to travel to the Church on Spilled Blood on foot. This resulted in an hour penalty, which coupled with Michael’s inability to bowl with a bat let to their demise. If they managed to only suffer one penalty, or if they sliced their Roadblock time in half, they would have likely beaten Chad/Steph who had their own half-hour penalty to deal with.

The question that is looming as the theme to this season must be taken seriously now that we are down to six teams – will Amazing Race 17 be the first to be won by a female team? KNat and QVC remain and have won about half of the season’s legs. Who really stands in their way? Captain America does. He really does. And the three couples – none of whom have stood out as a force to be reckoned with, Bigfoot and Wife being the best of the three. If we close with pure physical challenges then the Tattoo Two could be a player. Based on next week’s clips, I wonder if Chad/Steph’s days are numbered.

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