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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 7 – Just Like Guitar Hero

Michael and Kevin cough up more money and run to the pit stop, as Stephanie finally finishes the Roadblock. Chad wants to leave the bags there and run, but they can’t arrive without their passports, just as Michael and Kevin can’t arrive having gotten there on foot.

It’s Chad and Stephanie at the pit stop first. Phil asks if they have paid their cab yet when he notices they don’t have their bags. Chad tells him no, that the cab has been waiting for them to pay it all day. He tells them they need to go back and pay. Michael and Kevin arrive, and he tells them they broke a couple of rules. They used a cab twice and have incurred a thirty minute penalty for each. They’ll need to wait it out and hope Chad and Stephanie don’t come back in the meantime.

Chad and Stehanie make it back to their cab and get their bags, paying their driver, as Chad and Stephanie are told they too took a taxi. They now have to wait thirty minutes as well, but their thirty minute penalty will finish before MIchael and Kevin’s. Therefore Michael and Kevin are the official last team to arrive and are eliminated.

CBS was more than an hour late on Sunday night, making many of us miss the end of The Amazing Race. While I record Undercover Boss because I want to see it, I also do so to catch the last minutes of The Amazing Race. This time the Race started after Boss should have started. I didn’t record the next hour, meaning I missed the ending. I did find this clip on YouTube for those of you who are curious about the father and son’s elimination. It seems Kevin was taking this too seriously. Had he not been, and not been so focused on beating everyone else, he might not have missed the crucial clue to not pay a taxi.

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