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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 7 – Just Like Guitar Hero

Chad and Stephanie finally find the remote address and she cimbs the tower and misses the figurine. Nick and Vicki can’t find a taxi and are held up waiting for one. The Doctors get a taxi that knows where they’re headed. Nick is busy blasting his teammate saying Vicki is a moron for going off the main road to find a taxi, asking who in their right mind would do that.

Claire reads that they should still be on foot, so Brook orders their driver back to their original destination. Michael and Kevin can’t figure out where they are, and figure they decided to go their own way. Stephanie can’t find a clue in the tower and tells Chad to go up and take a stab at it. Brook and Claire are now on foot trying to make up time, as Chad finds the figurine, telling Stehanie it was “right in front of your frickin’ face.” They get in a taxi as well. At this point not many teams have avoided the use of a taxi, leaving the question of when they were allowed to use it and when they weren’t.

Nat and Kat arrive at their fortress via cab. They find a Roadblock. One member of each team must play a difficult Russian version of bowling, Gorodki. Using a wooden bat, they have two turns to knock down groups of pin formations, and need to clear three different formations. Kat decides to do this Roadblock.

Nick and Vicki finally get a taxi, and could be the last team to not get one. He tells Vicki it was a third-grader mistake of hers to take them off course. Jill/Thomas and Gary/Mallory are searching the grounds of the building for the clue to get to the Roadblock. They ask locals and decide to get cabs and their bags.

Kat cleans up at the Roadblock, while Michael and Kevin ar the next to arrive. Kevin decides to have Michael play Gorodki, being that he’s done four Roadblocks so far, while his dad has only done two. Brook and Claire arrive with Brook playing the game, yet she keeps completely overthrowing it. The Doctors finish the task and move on. They read the clue to head inside the Peter and Paul Fortress to the pit stop for this leg of the Race. Interestingly, Nick and Vicki haven’t even had their extra task yet.

Chad and Stephanie arrive at the building in their cab and ask their driver to take them to the Fortress. The Doctors arrive on Phil’s mat, and he tells them they are in fact team number one, and their good news is that they have each won $5000 each. Apparently they only took a cab when they were allowed.

Brook finally gets the first pin formation done, and Michael still struggles. Brook has a fan club watching her, as she starts hamming it up for them. She clears her second one, then her third, while Michael continues to struggle. Brook and Claire head back to their bags as Kevin hopes his dad finishes before another team arrives, otherwise he knows they might be done.

Nick/Vicki and Chad/Stephanie arrive at the Fortress, with Stephanie and Nick deciding to do the Roadblock. Vicki is glad he’s doing it, as he can take his aggression out on it. Stephanie is missing it completely. Jill and Thomas arrive and he decides to do the task. It appears the only person worse at this task than Michael is Stephanie. Nick finishes, and he and Vicki haead to the pit stop.

Brook and Claire arrive at the pit stop, followed by Nick and Vicki as they take second and third place. Phil points out that Brook and Claire fixed their mistake and still came in second. Gary and Mallory arrive with Gary deciding to play Gorodki, with the others struggling. Gary takes to this easily, and Michael finally gets his first formation, as does Stephanie. Gary gets his second, and Thomas gets his third as he and Jill head to the pit stop. Gary finishes all three of his as well.

Gary and Mallory arrive on Phil’s mat first to be named team number four. Chad/Stephanie and Michael/Kevin are neck-and-neck to be the last team, with no one even realizing that with the cab error, it puts Kevin and Michael either with a several hour penalty, or going all the way back through St. Petersburg. Michael gets his second one, as does Stephanie. Michael and Kevin finish and run to the pit stop. Stephanie continues to struggle with her third formation.

Jill and Thomas are being accosted by their cab driver as Michael and Kevin’s driver is keeping their bags until they pay up. Stephanie continues to struggle, and Chad continues to have a fit. Michael and Kevin pay their driver, as do Jill and Thomas, as they run to the pit stop. Kevin and Michael keep arguing with their driver. Jill and Thomas are called team number five.


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