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The Amazing Race 17, Nov. 7 – Just Like Guitar Hero

The Doctors are the next to arrive at the bridge, followed by Nick and Vicki, and Michael and Kevin. Michael tells Kevin to read the clue carefully and not miss a word, which means they’ll probably miss something crucial. They pay a taxi so that they can follow it, making that their big crucial mistake. Gary and Mallory arrive and run there without the aid of following a taxi.

Stephanie told Chad when they started the accordions that they should follow a finger sequence with numbers, similar to the Doctors process, and they pick it up pretty quickly. Jill and Thomas don’t have that aid, and he knows they aren’t even close to getting it memorized. Thomas knows they’re screwed, and they go back to the plates, knowing they spent too much time with the accordion. They can’t believe walking in that everyone else finished it.

Stephanie knew the accordions would be the better idea, because she’s better musically, but it didn’t do them very well with the pianos last week, did it? However, the blame for that was put on Chad not letting her do all of it. They get the accordions completed and move on to the bridge. He claims his sausage fingers were getting in the way of playing the accordion.

Brook and Claire get help from a local as well as their ninth kiss on the Race. All the teams are wandering throughout the streets, except for Michael and Kevin who are following the taxi. Jill and Thomas finish their plates in last place and move on. She calls it frustrating, but he tells her to relax. Nick and Vicki are following the Doctors, figuring they’re the srongest team in the Race right now, and they find the stret address without the aid of a taxi.

Since only two people can climb up at a time, Kat and Nick climb up the tower to see the clue, but completely miss the figurine.He realizes they’re probably completely overlooking it right now. Michael and Kevin get to the tower, as Brook and Claire spot them out there and run as well. They make note of the taxi sitting out front. Michael asks Brook why they’re carrying their bags, and she says it’s because they were supposed to leave their cab and walk. You would think at this point Kevin would realize his mistake and go back.

Using binoculars, Nick and Kat find every tiny bit they can, looking for a clue. Finally he spots the figurine and asks how dumb they are as they find the identical building on the horizon. They decide to not tell the other teams what they found, and tell Michael they saw something that said, “DS-13” on a building, which they did. Kevin doesn’t think Nick would lie to them, since “he’s awesome,” but he and Claire climb up to check it out nonetheless.

Jill and Thomas get to the bridge and start their run to the street address. They run into Gary and Mallory and decide to work together. Claire sees the figurine, and she and Kevin realize that’s the clue and that Nick may have lied to them. The two teams get back in cabs.

Mallory and Thomas go up in the tower and are looking for a red and yellow flag. Chad and Stephanie are still trying to make their way there. Thomas sees the figurine, makes the connection, and the two teams leave, happy to see Chad and Stephanie and know they themselves aren’t last.

Nick and Vicki and the Doctors are the first to arrive at the church and will now need to solve a riddle to figure out they need to head to Peter and Paul Fortress. They’ll need to search the courts to find the next clue. They ask locals around the church for information.

Nick sees Michael and Kevin arrive in a taxi and knows they’ll be penalized for it, but Kevin just wants to call him out for lying to them. Michael/Kevin and Brook/Claire decide to work together again, and Kevin heads to ask his taxi driver where the fortress is, saying he’s really smart. Not smart enough to have told him before to walk, though.

The Doctors and NickVicki get information from a bus driver, and Nick points out there’s nothing in this current clue that says they can’t use a taxi, so they decide to hop back in their cabs. Kevin can only talk about the two teams in front of them and how they want to beat them, noting that lying won’t help them. And not following the rules isn’t going to help him and his dad either.


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