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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 8 – Macaroon Kardashian Makes a Debut

Yigit – Madonna and Guy Ritchie – Another dumb choice, as they have not really been a couple for a while. Yigit never recovered from the chocolate twist and made very tepid dishes. How he could make a Madonna-inspired dish bland was a mistake which could have been enough to boot him on it’s own. Not finishing plating was another reason.

Citrus Yogurt Cake with Baked Honey Flan for Madonna, and Brown Butter Sable with Dulce de Leche and Calvados Gelee for Guy.

They all find his creations subpar, lacking flavor or texture and unrelated to the celebrities. They said only one-third of Yigit showed up. Of course, it was the bitchy/whiny third of him. Elvis found is sad and flavorless and he was literally mad at Yigit for serving it.

In fact, the elimination seemed to come down to who had the lamest celebrity pairing. That’s debatable. Yigit is very lucky that Eric sucked just a tad more than he did.

Quickfire Hits
• Zac called Morgan a “bully in the kitchen.” And the clips we are shown really don’t back that up. I think to Zac a bully is an aggressive man bigger than him.
• Danielle chose her spicy dish for Conan because he is hot and spicy. How in character that a tall, goofy, rubber-faced Danielle is attracted to Conan…makes sense to me!
• Yigit intentionally made the Madonna dish “soft.” Madonna! She has perhaps the hardest body for any 50+ year old in the world!
• You would think Yigit would do something edgy for Guy, as all of his movies are very edgy. One assumes he never watched a single Guy Ritchie film in his life.
• Morgan invented a sponge. He is spongeworthy, I guess.
• Elvis channeled Simon Cowell and brought a cruise ship insult analogy this week.
• Extra Scene – Danielle takes very long showers and eats fiber cereal in the bathroom. Only gross things come to mind.

Next week – Final Four. Smashing. Yet another twist.

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