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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 8 – Macaroon Kardashian Makes a Debut

Now what am I going to do? The sleepy charms of Eric have left the building leaving me with a Final Four of super crap to decide between. The ever-increasing bitchiness of Zac and Yigit? The buffoonery of Morgan? The “how the hell is she still not eliminated” qualities of Danielle? What do I do? Where’s the Survivor: Pearl Islands’ Outcast twist when you need it? And to top it all off, we manage to lose the last remotely likable person thanks to a challenge based on US Weekly and TMZ. A celebrity couple inspired dessert? Really? Is this what the rich and bored do with their lives – plan stupidly themed tea parties? And keep in mind, to this card-carrying liberal, the words “tea” and “party” is enough to get me ready to toss my own cookies.

And next week is likely not going to be much better – can anyone imagine a scenario where Danielle doesn’t go home next week? Any other result would be stunning. Which means the insufferable Zac and Yigit will be facing off against the abrasive Morgan for the first Just Desserts title. And the ones who lose…us.

The funny thing is that I really did enjoy the first challenge as the chefs were forced to make a sugar floral arrangement by Lady Deathstrike… er…Shinmin Li, the renowned cake decorator. Seriously, she was slightly scary and hot at the same time. And pretty rough on the chefs – rude, if you believe Eric.

I don’t think she was rude. I think Eric was unable to do the challenge properly and instead made a cheesy bakery cupcake with a pound of icing. I think Danielle once again chose to use fruits and vegetables rather than confections to make hers. And I think Zac completely mailed his in.

And again, Top Chef provided us with a bit of ridiculous kitchen drama, a la the pea puree. Yigit decided to take a chance and instead of using a vase and creating his sugar creation around it, he chose to pull sugar into a vase. The two that he had were precious at best. Morgan knocked one over and instantly apologized, and reiterated it in his confessional. Yigit managed to bust the second one too, so it’s not as if he had the answer. However, he did decide to bitch (stunning, I know) that Morgan may have done it on purpose.

Just like the pea puree, if Morgan intentionally sabotaged another chef, he would be kicked off the show instantly. And, to add, it’s not as if Morgan has needed much help beating Yigit all season long.

Now, one thing about the Elimination Challenge. I HATED the twist. It’s not as if I liked the challenge in the first place, but that additional twist – the surprise removal of all chocolate from the kitchen – was not very fair. It’s one thing to challenge them, and to spur last second improvisation, but at this late stage in the game, to remove the most common dessert ingredient AFTER they went shopping just served to sabotage them.

And what did we learn? Zac and Danielle were lucky, there was no skill in not choosing to use chocolate from the start, just plain luck. So they made the Top Three, with Zac winning because seriously, head to head, Zac will almost always beat Danielle. And we learned that Yigit and Eric are not as good in completely revamping their plans – Yigit compounded by a crushing crisis of confidence.

Morgan, meanwhile, was totally impressive in reworking his entire menu and doing it well enough to finish in the top.

Eric’s story was the true emotional center of the episode – and perhaps the season. As he was eliminated, he approached the judges for goodbyes and took back a “you’re a great chef” line from Elvis. That was more than enough for Eric. And yet, he got more from his fellow chefs in the Stew Room. Eric wanted to prove that he was much more than a baker. Here he was, a virtual amateur among pastry chefs. And he finished fifth. Unlike most reality show contestants, Eric managed to win despite losing.

So we’re down to the Final Four, and I can’t really care less who wins. Only a few more weeks until All-Stars. (Note to Bravo – from a loyal blogger fan…please give us a breather in between these seasons. I’ve been writing Top Chef for a year straight now. Just a small break.)