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The Amazing Race, Oct. 31 – Skinny Girls Can Do Everything

Gary and Mallory arrive at Palace Square, as Nick and Vicki listen to the music back in the ballroom once again. They have a new mission to now listen to songs one at a time and find each one that way, instead of all together. Nick feels he’s keeping his composure more than ever after making a promise to himself and Vicki not to blow up at her like he did at the tire rim game. She calls the whole race a learning experience for their relationship. They finally get it right, and she is shocked.

Michael and Kevin arrive at the cathedral, as Jill and Thomas do as well. Kevin wants to run around the outside, as Michael mentions a park across the street. Jill and Thomas want to run up the stairs in the front. Kevin tells his dad it’s not in the park. Jill and Thomas run inside and can’t find it, and wonder if it’s in the park across the street.

When it’s not around the outside, Michael again suggests maybe it’s in the park. Kevin again says no. Jill and Thomas find Phil and his mat … in the park. They’re named team number one and have won a trip for two to Brazil. Thomas says Jill killed this leg of the Race, and for him to know he can rely on her and vice versa, it makes him that much nore confident about them winning the whole thing.

Kevin and Michael are still searching, and dad still wants to go to the park, as Kevin insists the clue said at the cathedral, while dad points out they’ve now circled the whole building. Brook and Claire arrive and run through the park right away, as Brook tells Claire to sprint. The guys look over there, and Kevin announces Phil’s not there. Brook and Claire show up on the mat to be named team number two, as Michael and Kevin now find Phil to be named team number three, with an “I told you” from Michael.

Nat is planting potatoes, while Stephanie is still searching for the wheelbarrows at Duck’s End. Gary and Mallory arrive and decide she’ll be doing it. She gets her potatoes right way, and they’re both looking for Duck’s End now. Stephanie finally finds it and starts getting manure, while Mallory continues to search. Nick and Vicki get to Palace Square and now find out they need to go to the neighborhood store.

Mallory is still searching for Duck’s End and can’t find anyone who knows English, so starts quacking. A man lifts her over a fence, and she thinks she might have found it, when instead she just found a new friend and an offer, “Come join us for a little vodka.” Nat finishes her plantning and gets the next clue.

Stephanie knows it’s bad, but to buy herself some time, she throws the shovel back into the manure pile, knowing someone has to go in and get it. Mallory finds Duck’s End, and the poopy shovel. Stephanie feels bad about it happening to her. Since she’s so little, she’ll probably be covered in poop. She manages to get it without much hassle, but her shoes get caught in the manure. Stephanie starts planting and Mallory finally arrives there as well, as Stephanie is talking about French Fries.

Nick and Vicki aren’t giving up and are stoked it’s still light out. Stephanie gets done and gives a babushka a hug, as Mallory continues to work on her planting. Chad wants Stephanie to take her babushka outfit home to clean the house in it. Mallory finishes her planting, and they take off, as she’s still covered in poop. She notes to not be eliminated right now, she’d chew her nails off, even with the poop under them.

The Doctors arrive in fourth place on Phl’s mat and Nick and Vicki finally get to the neighborhood store. Reading that the clue says “drag race,” Nick decides to do it, obviously thinking of cars. He calls it a little big of race, without a whole lot of cars, and more queen then cars. The locals take pictures of themslves with Nick, seeing him in this outfit. He promises we’ll never see him again in a dress.

Gary and Mallory try to look in the cathedral for the pit stop, then wonder if it’s in the park, just as Chad and Stephanie arrive. It’s Chad and Stephanie who get there first to be team number five, with Gary and Mallory being named team number six.

Nick never thought he’d be planting potatoes in Russia in a woman’s dress, but plans to go until he’s done. He finishes, and they rush to the pit stop. They know they’re probably last, as she says they ran it as best as they could, as she’s proud of him, like she imagines he’s proud of her. They reach Phil’s mat and aren’t eliminated, as they hit a non-elimination leg. That’s the point of not giving up, Kids! They’re ready to keep fighting and vow to come out on top.

In the end, several teams had a Halloween scare. Nick and Vicki of course did, showing up in last place, only being saved by the non-elimination leg. Chad and Stephanie did, as he learned a valuable lesson to not try and control everything. Had he just let her listen to the music in the beginning, or had he listened to her and switched tasks, they wouldn’t have spent so long on the Detour, doing it over and over. Brook and Claire were doing well, then got hit with a lost driver, then came back to take second place. In the end, it worked out well for all of them. The lingering question now is if there will be a third non-elimination leg, or if this was just an early one.

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