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The Amazing Race, Oct. 31 – Skinny Girls Can Do Everything

Back at the film studio, Brook is told she has the wrong film clip, as are Kevin and Claire, multiple times, until Brook finally gets it right. Kevin finally finds one with words at the very top, and it’s the correct one as they move on to Palace Square as well.

Jill and Thomas arrive at Palace Square to find a clue telling them to head to Alexandrovskaya. Once there, they’ll follow a marked road to a neighborhood store to get their next clue. Back at the piano challenge, Malory is begging her dad to help her, and Nick and Vicki are told no again, as are Gary and Mallory, who decide to give up and head to Cinema. Both Nick/Vicki and the Doctors also decide to switch and try to sneak away, without Chad and Stephanie finding out. Chad sees anyway, and Stephanie sttill insists they stay. It would make sense to leave at this point, as they would know they’re in the same spot as at least three other teams.

Jil and Thomas can’t find the neihborhood store, as Brook and Claire arrive at Palace Square and head to the store as well. Gary and Mallory start searching for the flim clp, as Michael and Kevin arrive at Palace Square and move on to the neighborhood store. The other teams arrive and start the search for the film clip while Kat notes she would have thought this would be the faster of the two. Chad and Stephanie decide to keep at it and are repeatedly wrong. He gets mad, and she shoots back she was trying to be on his team.

Jill and Thomas stop for directions, and he appears to think he’s talking to someone who is deaf, not Russian, as he tries to explain they’re looking for a marked sign. They might have better luck getting through to the dog that is wandering through. Brook and Claire find it without a problem. Somehow they have gone from first place, to last place, to first place again, all within the last cluebox to this one. They find a Roadblock. One member of each team will become a babushka, complete with traditional garb, and plant a row of fifty potatoes, and fertiilize it with a generous helping of cow manure.

Brook decides to do this one, and thinks the traditional garb accentuates her curves. She finds the potatoes, then the wheelbarrow at Duck’s End, and reads she has to fill it up with manure. She knows Claire will not like the smell of her after this. Michael and Kevin arrive next , and Kevin decides to do it, as he thinks they need to get ahead. Finding out he has to put on a dress, he wishes he would have had his dad do it. He gets his potatoes, wheelbarrow, and manure, and says it’s not something you do every day.

Brook can’t find the right field, as Michael gets there first, announcing to the other Babushkas, “Hello, Beautiful Ladies. I have your poop and potatoes.” They show him how to plant the potatoes and fertilize, and he gets to work.

The others are still working on the film clips, and Chad and Stephanie are still struggling and arguing. She wants to leave now, and frankly the time for that was earlier, when everyone was leaving. It makes more sense now to just sit down and figure out which songs they’ve tried and where they might be going wrong. This is reminding me of the challenge a few races back with the clue that the Globetrotters couldn’t figure out and chose to just take the penalty. Chad and Stephanie think they finally have it and are told no, and continue to fight each other on it. He thinks it’s up there with the hardest things he’s ever had to do, to take a backseat and let her control it. He does and they finally get it right. There’s a lesson in that for you, Chad. Can you see it? She tells him she’s going to make sure he remembers it.

The others continue to search for film clips, and the Doctors finally get it, and move on for Palace Square. Nick thinks the Doctors have the best luck he’s ever seen. Jill and Thomas finally arrive at the Roadblock, and she decides to become the babushka. She gets her potatoes, as Kevin is still planting. The other babushkas are noting he’s a good farm hand, which they don’t have enough of.

Brook finally finds the field, as the babushkas are yelling “motivational phrases” to Kevin to get done. One tells him she loves him, and he admits to faling in love a little bit. They hear Brook screaming about the manure, and all laugh at her.

Nat and Kat arrive at Palace Square and head to the neighborhood store, as Gary and Mallory finally get the right film clip. Nick and Vicki are the last ones remaining at either of the Detours. They decide to go back to the “piano thing,” and it bothers them because they’re not quitters and always finish.

Kevin plants his last potato and gets a big kiss from a babushka. Brook has about ten left. Jill arrives at the field, while Kevin gets the next clue, to head to the pit stop, St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Brook gets done and heads out while the babushkas tell Jill she’s professional. She says that’s encouraging to be a professional potato planter. One of the babushkas remarks in Russian, “These skinny girls can do everything.” As predicted, Claire is irritated with Brook’s stench. Jill gets done, and runs back, as Thomas tells her she did it so fast. He’s rpoud of her.
Meanwhile, Brook and Claire’s driver stops for gas. Chad and Stephanie’s driver stops for directions, as the Doctors are arriving at the Roadblock. Nat will be the babushka, and calls the manure gross. Stephanie and Chad arrive, and she’ll be doing the Roadblock. She and Nat are having a hard time finding “Duck’s End.”


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