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The Amazing Race, Oct. 31 – Skinny Girls Can Do Everything

The Amazing Race certainly offers up a lot of scares, just not the same type of scares encountered on Halloween. We’re talking scares as far as fear of heights, eating disgusting things, etc., and all of that was encountered last week. It would be nice, though, to encounter a few little extra scares on this week’s Race, even if they aren’t necessarily celebrating Halloween on the Race due to the time it was filmed.

The first team to leave the pit stop in Norway are Nat and Kat, aka the Doctors, at 8:26 PM. Their clue tells them to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia, and make their way to an island to find the columns built as a monument to the largest rivers in Russia, where they’ll find their next clue. The will be traveling by train, plane, and automobile. The Doctors discuss how it’s interesting that it’s late at night, but still light out. Nat notes that in the operating room, it’s very male-dominated, so they’re used to playing with boys and beating them. They’re hoping their mojo will lead them to being the first all-female team to win the Race. They stop at the train depot and find the next one out is at 10:26 AM.

That would be the great equalizer of the Race, and because of that, we’re spared seeing all the teams leaving individually, as there really isn’t much point, and we jump straight to all the teams boarding the train. Mallory mentions it’s the first time she’s ever been on a train, but Thomas has slept on a train. Michael figures this is the longest he’s ever ridden on a train before.

Mallory is excited to have this time with her dad. It’s one of the most beautiful train rides in the world, and when you’re not so rushed and frantic, it’s nice to be able to look around. Brooke and Claire are rooming with Nat and Kat, and have some fun tossing a dirty sock around with Brook smelling it and judging how bad it smells. For her it’s the best day of the Race so far, as they’re around such positive people. Claire then judges Kat’s shoe and decides she’s the winner based on degree of smelliness. It must be those long hours standing up in the operating room.

In Sweden, it’s back to racing as the teams take off. They’re all catching cabs to take them to the airport. Chad and Stephanie struggle to catch a cab and are once again arguing, as he’s blaming everything on her. They finally catch one, and she knows his M.O. and that he’s going to be sticking this on her. All the teams end up catching the same flight again, staying equal. Chad mentions the tension with Stephanie, saying he’s just frustrated to be last again. She knows they have a long road ahead of them with him feeling like that.

In St. Petersburg, Michael tells Kevin the city is full of history and culture, but he knows his son doesn’t care. Kevin is only worried about the next clue box. Chad is amazed at the buildings, as is Thomas. Nick likes how they keep their buildings here, instead of blowing them up like in Las Vegas. The Doctors are Russian-izing their names.

HSN Hosts, Brook and Claire, are the first to the cluebox, and find a Detour – Classical Music or Classic Cinema. In Classical Music, the teams will make their way to a historic palace, find a maestro with three gramophones, and listen to three different compositions. They’ll enter a ballroom filled with pianos and figure out which three pianos are playing the compositions they heard earlier. When they figure it out, they’ll take the sheet music being played and put it in front of he gramophone. When they match it completely, they’ll get the next clue. In Classic Cinema, teams head to a film studio soundstage to manually search through film clips and find one that matches any part of the scene being played, and get the next clue when they find it.

Brook and Claire head to Cinema, because Brook thinks it sounds “gnarly.” Apparently she thinks it’s 1984. Michael and Kevin arrive, and Kevin has experience with youtube videos, so they choose the Cinema as well. Chad and Stephanie choose music, and do Gary and Mallory. Jill and Thomas choos Cinema, and Nick and Vicki Music, with Nat and Kat choosing the same.

In the cab ride, Brook and Claire’s driver doesn’t know where the film studio is. Michael and Kevin arrive and are astonished to see the mound of film clips. Kevin admits he’s never studied that type of film. Jill and Thomas arrive and join in the search, with Jill calling it ridiculous. Brook and Claire’s driver is looking for directions.

Chad and Stephanie arrive at the Palace and start listening to the gramophones. Entering the ballroom with the pianos, they’re as overwhelmed as those with the film clips. Gary and Mallory and the Doctors arrive, as do Nick and Vicki. All run around the room listening to different pianos, calling it ridiculous. Brook and Claire’s driver is still lost, and they know they’re in trouble.

Chad thinks he has the first musical composition, and Stephanie thinks she has the other two. The maestro tells them they’re wrong. They re-listen to the gramophones. Gary says it’s hard to concentrate, as all the songs have pieces like the other. He only recognizes one Beethoven song. At the film studio, Kevin thinks he has the right clip, but is told he is wrong, as is Jill. Thomas says it’s mostly war scenes and Russian words they keep seeing on the screen, and those pop out the easiest. He finds the right film clip, and they get the next clue. They need to race to the location shown on either the film can or record, Palace Square, to get the next clue. Meanwhile, the HSN hosts have finally arrived.

Stephanie thinks she has the first song figured out now, and Mallory and Vicki do as well. but Nick tells her she is wrong. She thinks ti’s lke a bad dream to hear this same music over and over. Chad and Stephanie take their gueses to the maestro, but are told no again, as are Gary and Mallory. Gary re-listens to the compositions. Nick and Vicki are wrong again, as are the Doctors. Kat says the longer they are there, the more similar it’s all beignning to sound. After Chad and Stephanie are wrong again, he wants to switch, but she doesn’t.


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