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Project Runway, Oct. 28 – An Unsatisfactory Conclusion

The judges quickly discuss among themselves how each designer was different. When the designers come onstage, Heidi congratulates them on their performances at Fashion Week. Michael praises them for having distinct points of view.

The judges start with Andy, who tells them about the Buddha Park in Laos. The Buddha Park has beautiful metals and textures, so he tried to incorporate those in his collection. Michael comments that an Asian-themed collection could easily degenerate into costumes, but these did not. He loved the first pants and both dresses. He didn’t see much diversity, though.

Heidi didn’t like the first look, as she thinks it was weak. She did like the green dress. Nina thinks his collection is too extreme a departure from his usual hard, edgy looks. She adores one of the jackets, but thinks he went overboard with his Asian theme. Jessica loves the one-shouldered silver dress.

The judges move onto Gretchen, who tells them she’d called her collection “Running Through Thunder,” because the whole experience has felt like doing just that. Nina thinks she did a fantastic job. She loves the prints and variety of garments. She especially likes the patchwork pants from the third look. She thinks the whole collection is ready-to-wear. Nina does consider the color scheme monotonous, though. She also thinks the opening piece is weak.

Michael gets the vibe of the woman Gretchen is designing for, but he thinks the leather is tacky. He and Heidi both deem the jewelry gorgeous. Heidi finds the prints monotonous and Jessica wants to see an extravagant piece somewhere.

Mondo had used elements from his Mexican culture. Heidi notes there were loud pieces, but also some beautiful quiet pieces. She loves the skull shirt and the color-blocked tunic. Nina thinks his collection is very cohesive and that the strapless balloon dress is adorable. She finds the decorative pieces overwhelming, although she does like the first look. She believes that all of the colors and skeletons seem a bit teenager, though.

Jessica loves the colors, and she loves the spotted gown. Michael hates the spotted gown, and Heidi asks Mondo why he chose to show it again when he’d already been told that Michael and Nina loathed it. Mondo replies that his model had done such a good job of showing it that he felt he had to keep it. Michael notes that Mondo had used the same fabric as a top with some metallic shorts as his eighth look. He adds that he prefers the relief of bare legs there.

Heidi asks each designer why they should win. They all talk about how much they’ve “grown” and how they would love to see their lines start. Come on, what else are they likely to say? “Give me the money so I can take my family to Europe?”

Backstage, the designers congratulate each other for actually showing on Fashion Week. Onstage, the judges deliberate. Heidi likes Andy’s green dress from last week, while Jessica prefers his silver dress. She thinks he was playing it safe, though. The judges agree that Andy’s collection lacked his usual edge, and they also agree that nobody liked his mobile headpieces. Andy is out.

On to Gretchen and Mondo. Which one shall prevail? Heidi likes Gretchen’s clothes, which Nina says are on trend. Michael notes that she’d listened to the judges’ critiques. The rompers and shorts are repetitive, but the jewelry and hats helped style the collection.

Mondo is extremely talented and his clothes always have a wow factor. The judges all like his first look, and Heidi likes the balloon dress. The judges wonder if he knows how to edit, and add that a black dress could have been his best friend.