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Project Runway, Oct. 28 – An Unsatisfactory Conclusion

Last week on Project Runway, the four remaining designers were given the task of creating ten looks over the next six weeks. When they returned to New York, they were promptly told they would have to make another look over the next two days. They also had to choose two other looks from their existing collections, and show these three looks to the judges. Michael was sent home, while the other three had won the right to show at Fashion Week. (Actually, that should be, “show at Fashion Week on national television.” There are always a few eliminated designers showing “decoy” collections.)

Holy crap, Lifetime! Are you serious?! A two-hour long finale!? Look for some serious padding, folks. Of course, there are also a lot of commercials, most notably the promos for Fairy JobMother, in which Hayley Taylor tries to help the eliminated designers find work. These skits are a lot more entertaining than a good chunk of the finale.

The padding becomes obvious immediately, when the show opens with a reunion between the finalists and the eliminated contestants. The three finalists wake up excited to have made it to Fashion Week and then find a note summoning them to Parson’s to meet some “special guests,” namely, the eliminated designers. Heidi Klum tells everybody that the three finalists have evolved as designers, and shows clips of some of their previous designs as evidence, beginning with Andy.

Heidi asks the eliminated designers what it’s like to be T.V. stars now – a gross case of overstating Project Runway’s impact on their lives, particularly for the early boots. Seriously, who remembers them? Probably the most memorable of the early departures would be Casanova, he of the tenuous English. Anyway, Peach mentions she has a large gay following. Valerie received a marriage proposal from someone on Facebook. Casanova mentions that Project Runway helped his English. Nicholas points out that what people really want to know is gossip about the other contestants, e.g. “Is Ivy really mean?”

Gretchen claims that she’s not a bitch; she just plays one on T.V. Um, right. She thinks it’s unfair that a strong, confident woman is immediately pegged as a bitch. Cue the eye-rolling from Ivy and some of the others. Ivy calls Gretchen “fake,” and April goes on to say that Gretchen would be nice to Christopher in the workroom, and then complain about him in the interviews. Um, doesn’t everybody vent about people in the DR’s? Gretchen declares she doesn’t attack people’s personalities, just their fashion sense. Michael C., Andy, and Mondo all defend Gretchen. There’s a clip show about her evolution as a designer – that leaves out her behavior during the team challenge.

After that, the reunion moves to the relationship between Mondo and Michael C., reminding us how Mondo had disliked Michael C. at first, but gradually warmed to him. A.J. comments that some people make a poor first impression, but aren’t so bad once you get to know them. Then it’s time for Mondo’s clip show, which shows his progress from a weird outsider to the prohibitive favorite. The last clip show depicts some of the antics and emotional meltdowns of the designers.

After the reunion, the finalists head back to the hotel to rest up. The next day is the day before the finale, so the finalists get back to work. Andy recalls getting criticized for not showing his best in the mini-collection, while Gretchen notes that the judges want more drama in her styling.

Tim Gunn comes in to make his rounds. Before starting, he tells everybody that they will be showing only ten looks. This means that they have to decide which look to leave out.

After that, Tim starts with Mondo, who recalls that the judges think his looks border on the costumey. He is debating whether or not to replace his spotted gown with a solid black gown, as Michael and Nina have made it very plain they don’t like it. Tim, however, doesn’t like the black gown, feeling it’s too generic for Mondo, and thus advises against it. Mondo decides to keep the spotted gown to represent his evening wear.

Andy tells Tim the judges had liked his eleventh look, but disliked his swimsuit and cover-up. This would seem to make his decision easy – but Tim finds another swimsuit “disturbing” as it looks as if it’s growing hair from the crotch region. Andy decides to leave it in, anyway.