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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 7 – Go Home, Go Diva. Go Now.

Whisk Me Away – Morgan rocked his special order, as he whipped up a special sorbet for someone allergic to basically everything. Danielle’s service was a bit too low energy, but the display cases were full, they were organized and appealing.

Eric – Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie
Eric – Vanilla Malted Cake with Chocolate Buttercream
Eric – Banana Loaf with Brown Butter Tangerine Icing
Théoden loves the texture of the cake. Nancy loved the cookie, as it tasted fresh, and Elvis agreed that if the challenge was to open a business, what sells better than cookies. Although it may be a tad simple. The problem was the loaf texture and the lack of flavor. Nancy found “tunnels” in there. Eric again used his faulty memory as an excuse.

Danielle – Pistachio Shortcake with Lemon Cream and Strawberries
Danielle – Coffee Cream Pie with Hazelnut Brittle
Danielle – Ginger Ale Float with Raspberry and Tangerine Lime Sorbets
Gail loved the ginger ale, but Nancy questioned the combination of sorbet and ginger ale. Elvis liked the shortcake, but the pie really needed more coffee flavor.

Morgan – Pretzel Stick with Mustard
Morgan – Chocolate Mousse Cake with Crème Brulee Center
Morgan – Fried Lemon Pie with Salted Caramel Ice Cream
Massive praise. Nancy raved about the pie and ice cream, and how you can really taste the lemon. (This despite the lemon incident from the kitchen when Morgan couldn’t find all his lemons and Yigit though he was being accused of swiping). Elvis commented on the butter glaze for the stick, and Gail simply wanted a beer to go with it. Nancy said the cake was the most sophisticated dessert of all of them, and Gail said it showed the most range of skill.

The Others win in a squeaker, as it is the shop the judges would want to return to. Zac keeps it classy by saying in his confessional that he doesn’t like losing to Danielle, because he questions her cooking ability. To quote Heather – SHUT UP ZAC!

So, Heather goes, and while I loathe to partially agreeing with Zac, I question Danielle’s ability to hang much longer. We are likely heading towards as Morgan, Zac, Yigit finale, as I am bracing for a Dessert Champ who does not please me.

Quickfire Hits
• Yigit – “My over ambitious attitude is working against us.” Translation to English – I guess I’m just too awesome for others to keep up. Shut up, Yigit.
• Yigit again – “I think I have a target on my back.” No you don’t, you know why? This is not Survivor. No matter how badly people want you out, they can do nothing about it because they can’t vote you out of the kitchen.
• Even Zac is doing the Dawn product plugs now.
• Morgan on Danielle’s tort skills – “She’s like a whirlwind!” I must admit to being impressed and surprised at how well she made those torts.
• Zac on the Others and decorations – “We have ribbons, balloons and bubbles…they have no style.”
• Was Morgan asking for bananas in Spanish?
• I loved Danielle’s reaction to Morgan’s outburst – “we need Morgan to stop acting like an a**hole.” Makes sense since the two consider each other to be like brother/sister.
• Lastly, let me again say how ridiculous I find it when reality show contestants cry when someone gets booted and blabber about how much they love them. You just friggin met these people, and they are competing against you for a very large prize. Stop it. Unless you are Rob and Amber and have literally fallen in love on the show, then stop with the After School Special drama acting. Ok?

Next week – Yigit is out of stock. Someone has made frozen petit fours a la cruise ship.

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