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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 7 – Go Home, Go Diva. Go Now.

Quickfire – The Mise En Place Relay – Go Diva vs. The Others
1 – Mold 12 tort shells – Danielle beats Yigit. HA!
2 – Pipe 8 buttercream roses the size of a silver dollar – Heather catches Eric – he was being too perfect.
3- Separate and whip up six egg whites so you can hold it over your head for 10 seconds. Morgan beats Zac, but Z Man makes a nice showing to stay somewhat close.
4 – Teams stretch strudel dough over the table. Divas pull the dough better, and use their lead to add the apple filling and turn it into the U Shape to win.

Elimination Challenge – Dessert Shop Wars. Teams have to open a dessert shop, and each of them must make three dishes. One dish must be a bread dish, since it is a bakery, after all. Divas decide to go high end, and the Others decide to make it user-friendlier. Morgan and Heather leave their prickly personalities in the kitchen to prepare and plate. The others work the front of the shop, with Yigit and Danielle serving the tables. Shops also must be prepared to make special orders for patrons. Judges are Elvis, Gail, Théoden and Nancy Silberton from La Brea Bakery in California.

Divas – Pastry Playland
Zac – Donut with Wild Blueberry Jam with Lemon Verbena Milkshake
Zac – Fennel Seed and Balamata Brioche with White Truffle Butter
Zac – Caramel Corn with Bacon
Elvis loved the bread, as did Nancy. Gail found the corn inconsistent and while Théoden felt the donut reminded him of his childhood, Elvis really didn’t care for the milkshake.

Yigit – Chocolate Tart with Peanuts and Caramel
Yigit – Margarita Sorbet
Fraisier with Raspberry, Strawberry and Hibiscus Gelee
Elvis liked the textures in the sorbet. Théoden didn’t think the visual aspect was good. Elvis really found the tart dough to be overcooked and hard.
Heather – Lemon Cream Tart
Heather – Frozen Key Lime Bar
Heather – Milk Chocolate Pudding Cup
Nancy complemented Yigit’s service – not a good start for Heather. Gail liked the presentation, but Théoden found fingerprints in the chocolate. Nancy found the lime flavor timid, something bad for a strong flavor such as lime. Elvis again had a problem with the dough, which he would later discover was because Heather made all of it.

They got credit for the extra items made such as the lollipops in the centerpieces, but Gail and Théoden really were disappointed by the “empty and sad” display cases. Heather seemed to be shaken by some of the special orders like a raspberry pudding and a “Rich chocolate, thing.”