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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 7 – Go Home, Go Diva. Go Now.

Thank goodness for the end results of this episode, because I know if I had to watch another episode with the friggin self-proclaimed Team Go Diva intact – especially after winning Dessert Shop Wars – I would have trouble not self-medicating my way through it. Yigit, Zac and Heather have become so obnoxious and arrogant that they are making this season torturous at times to watch. Heck, they got me rooting for Morgan and Danielle this week!
Just the body language from the three of them after the lost the challenge they thought they had in the bag, and thus guaranteed one was going home, defined each of them. Yigit stood defiant, arms crossed and indignant glare fixed on the judges. Zac couldn’t make eye contact, and stood sheepish, typical of someone quick with a sharp quip when the going is good. Heather also had the defiant glare, but a bit softened, as she knew she was doomed.

Typical of this season, you wind up rooting for the least awful. Danielle continues to defy logic as to her longevity…well…this week wasn’t too hard to figure out, she rode Morgan’s excellence to victory. Morgan himself still creeps me out. And Eric, who I like, shows little emotion and struggles mightily in several challenges.

But it’s the self-proclaimed Divas who irk the most. I know they are beloved by many Chef fans, but I don’t see it. Sure, Zac is funny, but he’s also quite mean. Sure, Yigit is talented and easy on the eyes, but he has an ego to rival Russell Hantz. And Heather has a nice story and has rocked some challenges, but can also be really obnoxious.

While I do enjoy rooting for some highly confident reality show contestants – Boston Rob instantly comes to mind – I don’t care much for the clique mentality. Perhaps on his own, Yigit would not bother me so much. But joined with the other two, they become hard to swallow.

For example, did Heather really have to refer to the other three as Team Loser? Morgan has won just as much as anyone this season, and Eric’s also had wins. Danielle has not been that good, that’s true, but she made the show, and she has had some great luck.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that on shows such as Top Chef and Project Runway (the performance shows to a lesser extent because the public votes) rely upon their expert judges to move the show. You go on the show; you put your fate in the hands of the years of expertise among Tom, Gail, Padma, Ripert, Theoden, Elvis, etc. So to have the Divas state with all seriousness that they have no idea how they can lose…well, I hope they are watching these episodes back with embarrassment. However, I highly doubt that they are.

The Mise En Place Quickfire was fun as usual, and fairly evenly matched. It was there that the Diva team randomly drew lots to work together, and there that their Dessert Shop Wars fate was sealed. Two decisions did them in – Heather volunteering to make the dough for everyone. If she rocked it, then great, if she failed, then they would all fail. She failed. Also, the decision to not fill out their display case. Think about it, if you went into a store and saw an empty display case, what would you think? You wouldn’t want to buy the leftovers. Those two decisions, plus Morgan’s outstanding dishes, led to the breakup of the Divas.

By the way, I found it so funny that Heather told Zac to shut up while she was preparing EVERYTHING. I have been saying it for weeks!