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The Amazing Race 17, Oct. 24 – What Can You Do With 2 Cod and a Chainsaw?

Nick and Vicki reach the Roadblock, and she’ll be doing the task, saying she’s been waiting for something like this, as she’s the one that has the guts in the relationship. If he only knew she needed such great arm strength as well. Chad and Stephanie approach the Roadblock and he offers to do it if it’s off the bridge. They see Nick on the bridge as they arrive. Reading the clue, Stephanie lets him have this Roadblock, knowing he wanted it.

Michael and Kevin arrive at Harvika and find a Detour – Bike or Boat. In Bike, teams will choose a pair of mountain bikes, making note of the color of the lock, then ride a grueling course to a sign where they’ll memorize the combination that’s color-coded to their lock. They’ll ride back to where the bike was parked and use the combination to open their lock and get the next clue. In Boat, teams will head to a fishing trawler, use a map to direct the captain to a spot on shore, then head on foot to deliver two large cod and a chainsaw to a summer lodge to get their next clue. Father and son decide to do Boat, as they think it’s safer for Michael.

Gary and Mallory arrive, with Jill and Thomas right after, and both teams want to do Bike, although Mallory is nervous. Brook and Claire arrive and decide to do Boat. Brook notes this is all extremely abnormal for her and Claire, as with their jobs, they’re used to putting makeup on and going to parties. Katie and Rachel arrive at the Roadblock just as Vicki is finishing. Chad finishes, and he and Stephanie run off as Katie is getting ready to make her descent.

On shore, Michael and Kevin climb up a steep trail, carrying the cod and chainsaw, getting ready to make their delivery. Later, Michael notes Kevin made the choice to carry the two big fish, and that’s why he smells so fishy. Gary and Mallory are falling on their bikes, and he suggests they get off and push. Jill and Thomas make it to the lock combination chart first, and unlock their bikes to get their clue to head to the pit stop. Gary and Mallory are right behind them. Michael and Kevin deliver their items and are also on their way to the pit stop.

Brook and Claire are the next ones to make the hike with the fish and chainsaw and also remark about the stinky fish. Claire is struggling carrying the chainsaw up the steep trail, saying her body is in shock right after also doing the Roadblock. Jill and Thomas seem lost looking for the marina at the pit stop, and she points out they’re back at the bridge, only for him to say it’s a totally different one. She facetiously says she didn’t know he knew every single bridge, but he tells her he knows they’re not driving around in circles. Kevin is worried they missed the turn as well.

It’s Gary and Mallory who arrive on the mat first, with Mallory making note of Phil’s raised eyebrow, asking what number they are. They guess two and are happy. Gary announces this has been a great experience so far and is a lot different than watching on the couch at home. Nick and Vicki arrive at the Detour and decide to do Boat, and Chad and Stephanie arrive and decide to do Boat. It’s an easy one for Nick, as since he was 12, he’s been riding dirt bikes competitively.

Brook and Claire get their items delivered, remarking they need a limo, give the host kisses and take off with their clue. jill and Thomas do indeed end up back at the bridge again and see Katie rappelling. Rachel tells Katie they’re just getting there. Michael and Kevin end up right behind Jill and Thomas and decide to follow them. Katie finishes her ascent and she and Rachel take off for the Detour. Thomas can’t believe they’re lost, and says they totally ruined themselves.

Katie and Rachel now see Jill and Thomas following them and with not even seeing them at the Roadblock, correctly realize the other team is lost, but mistakenly believe they still have to do find the bridge, then do the Roadblock. Jill and Thomas stop for directions, which Michael and Kevin certainly use as well.

Vicki makes the comment that Nick thought riding the bikes up the hill was hard, but she thought it was easy. He gets off his and walks it while she keeps riding. Chad and Stephanie are still on the boat while Katie and Rachel arrive and decide to do Boat as well. Jill/Thomas and Michael/Kevin arrive at the pit stop, with the dating couple getting to Phil’s mat first for team number three. Father and son arrive next for team number four, leaving them in the same place they left at the beginning of the day.

Brook and Claire arrive after this, as Claire opens up the hatch of the car and cuts Brook on the eye. Phil sees it when they jump on the mat and calls her a “Tough Nut” for talking away with blood gushing from her eye “like you’re selling jewelry.”

Chad and Stephanie are racing up the steep trail with their items to be delivered, as he yells at her to hurry, because they’re too far back in the pack. As they leave back in the boat, they see Katie and Rachel just getting there to make the delivery. Nick and Vicki arrive on Phil’s mat, and he’s delusional to think they’re in second place. How he thinks that after they started where they were and tried to do the Fast Forward, only to find it taken, is beyond me. They’re told they’re team number six.

Katie and Rachel deliver their items and take off for the pit stop. Chad and Stephanie ask a man in a car with a dog for directions. He tells them to not go on the bridge. Katie and Rachel don’t want to be eliminated, and Rachel’s stomach is in knots.

It’s of course Chad and Stephanie who are next to arrive on Phil’s mat to be team number seven. They celebrate, and he says he wants to now turn it up a notch. Katie and Rachel arrive next and are Philiminated. Rachel cries that Katie is the best partner she could have asked for, and she can’t think of anyone else who could have run it as good as her. Katie had a good experience and is glad they did it together.

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