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The Amazing Race 17, Oct. 24 – What Can You Do With 2 Cod and a Chainsaw?

The Doctors are presented with the Sheep’s Head, and Nat asks her fellow doctor if she can do it. Nat decides to tear it all into tiny pieces so they don’t know what it is, but the naked bone there is enough to turn me into a vegetarian. Kat does it, but has to choke it down. She finds the skin thick and slimy with a strong flavor that she isn’t used to. She calls it difficult to get the food down.

Michael and Kevin are the first to arrive at the bridge, followed closely behind by Gary and Mallory. They find a Roadblock. One person from each team must step off the deck of a bridge and rappel to the water below. At the end of their rope, they signal to one of only two boats to bring them the clue. After, they’ll use a mechanical ascender to haul themselves back up to the top of the bridge where they can open the clue. Kevin offers to do this one, as does Gary. Kevin is glad he chose it instead of his dad, but “no offense.” It asked who has stamina and guts, and Michael jokes, “I don’t have none.”

Claire offers up while driving to the bridge that she feels like she’s going to pee her pants. At the clue box it sounds like she’s going to be the one doing the jump. She might want to get that pee thing out of the way first. Mallory thinks Kevin and her dad walking to the task look like they’re marching off to war. She said it gives her a wedgie looking at them, and Michael asks what that is, so she explains.

Back at the restaurant, the Doctors are still choking down their holiday meal, and they come up with something crunchy, and assume it’s an eyeball. They’re trying to do a mind over matter thing, just thinking of the million dollars. Kevin is looking down before jumping off, saying it’s just making him more nervous. Both he and Gary jump off and start their descent. Gary lands first, and jokes about some body part killing him, and in that harness, I can only imagine.

Returning to the restaurant, Nat and Kat try to engage the Viking asking if they’re eating like Norwegians, and tell him he’s truly inspiring. They finish their sheep’s head and can now head directly to the pit stop in the Ankenes Marina. They have no time now, but figure they’ll get sick later.

We nearly forgot there were other teams on the Race, but Nick and Vicki are just arriving at the top of the mountain and decide to do the Fast Forward, thinking everyone will want to do it. Now, let’s examine this one. They know everyone will want to do it. They are in sixth place currently and left over an hour after the first team, and think they have a chance with this one? This is an extreme waste of time for them. Chad and Stephanie are still driving there, as are Katie and Rachel, They think it’s easier to be in last place and that they’ll catch up to them soon.

Gary and Kevin are still hanging off their ropes, and Kevin is the first one to be picked up in the boat, with Gary just after. They start their ascent, while Claire is working on her descent. Jill and Thomas are catching up and are deciding he will be doing this Roadblock. He catches up to Claire, as Jill notes that Thomas grew up in the mountains and is used to this.

Nick and Vicki are driving around looking for the Fast Forward and again say they’re pretty sure everyone did it. Again, then why head there if you’re in last place? They find the restaurant and a sign that says “Taken,” but don’t know what it means. They aren’t sure whether it means it’s taken for now or later, and decide to head back to the Roadblock.

Nat and Kat arrive on Phil’s mat and are pronounced team number one. They have each won a trip for two to Costa Rica. Kat says neither of them are quitters, and they’re doing something right, so will just keep on doing what they’re doing. Nat’s glad she has her on her team. I would be, too, stepping on the mat for first place. Just after this, Katie and Rachel finally arrive at the Gondolas. As one team is finishing the leg, another is starting.

Back at the bridge, Kevin is nearly done with his ascent, followed closely behind by Gary. More towards the bottom is Thomas, who has now passed Claire. She tells Brook she’s exhausted. Brook can only tell her to fight through it. Kevin finishes and is glad his dad didn’t do it, especially with his arms hurting just opening the envelope. They get a clue telling them to locate the next clue box in a remote field in Harvika.

Gary finishes his ascent, and he and Mallory take off for Harvika. Claire is complaining that she can’t do it and that her arms are going to fall off. Remember on the first leg she took a melon to the face. As Thomas finishes, and he and Jill take off, Brook tells Claire all she wants is for her to just finish it, and she doesn’t care how or when. She tells her to pray to her grandma who passed away four days prior to the start of the Race. Brooke refers to the grandma as the feistiest woman on earth.
Katie and Rachel finally reach the top of the mountain in the gondola and make a comparison to volleyball, saying it’s like being down a couple games and needing to make it to the playoffs. They just need to make it one step at a time. They saw Chad and Stephanie and are hoping they mess up. Claire finally makes it up the entire ascent and they’re off for Harvika.


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