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The Amazing Race 17, Oct. 24 – What Can You Do With 2 Cod and a Chainsaw?

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Team Glee, Jonathan and Connor, last week in the Arctic Circle. It’s a shame to lose them, as they were a lot of fun. Yet, we still retain the fun of Michael and Kevin who ran an extremely good leg of the Race, going from last place to fourth. Not fun was the abusive way Chad was addressing Stephanie.

The first team to the leave the Arctic Circle are Nat and Kat, the Doctors, at 6:00 AM. Their clue tells them to drive across the border into Norway to the city of Narvik and search for a gondola station to ride to the top of a mountain to get the next clue. Nat thinks the time she and Kat have spent together has been great for their friendship. They’d always said they were more like sisters than friends, and the time they’ve spent during the last several legs makes it more true than ever.

Gary and Mallory leave at 6:04 AM, and she finds it great to see her dad participating in the Race as he gets to participate after watching it at home every Sunday night. Brook and Claire, the HSN Hosts, leave one minute later, with Brook saying she is the most hyper, energetic, dedicated, passionate person anyone has ever met. Claire is a calm storm, and if they could meld together, they’d be a perfect creature, although she thinks she’s finding her zen today.

Michael and Kevin take off at 6:30 AM. Kevin is till in college, but plans to move out after college, making this his last opportunity to live with his dad. They can’t find the clue while they’re driving, and Kevin promises his dad he gave it to him. Michael tells him, “You are giving it to an old guy.” Michael understands it being the last time to sleep together, eat together, travel together, and pee together. Well, that’s a little TMI. He finally finds the clue, so apparently the “old guy” had it all along.

Jill and Thomas leave at 6:48 AM, and he mentions that going to Notre Dame, he always envisioned being with someone who went to college, as that’s who he’s around. The fact that she didn’t go to school while he went to such a great one does make her feel a little self-conscious. She does regret not going to college a little, yet wants to prove she can do things, and it doesn’t just have to be him with her in the background. She asks if he’s been in any gondolas, and he jokes he’s been in a lot of them.

The HSN hosts drive around seemingly in a circle with Gary and Mallory trying to figure out which way to go, consulting each other and even calling it a big merry-go-round. They’re asking each other if what they’re seeing looks like a gondola. Nick and Vicki leave at 7:11 AM, and joke about the name Narvick, saying it’s yet another funky name. Nat and Kat arrive at the gondolas, afraid of what may be waiting for them at the top.

Chad and Stephanie leave at 8:12 AM, and know they have to focus on what they’re doing and hope if they do that, they can jump up a couple of spots. Katie and Rachel leave at 8:34 AM, the last to depart, and call it a race to compete, not a race to be amazing friends. They think Nat is afraid of heights and hope she’s having a panic attack. Indeed she is, as Kat tells her she’s fine. She has told Kat to just push her off the edge if it comes to that. She thinks all the nerves are making her blood sugar go up as well, as a reminder that she has diabetes.

At the top of the mountain, the Doctors find a Fast Forward. In this one, teams make their way to a restaurant where they have to participate in a traditional Norwegian ritual. What they won’t know until they get there is that it entails eating an entire sheep’s head. I am completed grossed out! When each eat half, they can move forward. Nat is relieved to see the Fast Forward so that they can just head back down the mountain. They’re definitely grabbing this one.

Brook and Claire arrive and wait for the gondola carrying the Doctors. As they change places, someone tells them to enjoy the view as it’s beautiful. Gary and Mallory just miss it, and have to wait, as she asks how the HSN hosts got it so quickly, asking if they don’t have to “tell it to come or something?” Right, the gondolas are like dogs. Michael and Kevin arrive next and get in a gondola right behind them, as Mallory waves to them, saying they’re their best friends.

At the tope of the mountain, the HSN hosts find the Fast Forward and a clue telling them to head to the Skjombrua Bridge to get the next clue. They think the Doctors are doing the Fast Forward. This time they’re the ones waiting for the gondola as they get in the one Gary and Mallory are getting out. Michael and Kevin are right behind. Michael and Kevin do not want to do the Fast Forward, but Mallory does, just because she saw “Happy Holidays” on the clue, and
“I love Christmas!”

The Doctors are on their way to the Fast Forward, and being that they’re headed to a restaurant, they wonder if it’s an eating challenge. Kat hopes not, as she’s a vegetarian and hasn’t eaten meat in twenty-two years. Nat knows her partner will struggle getting through food challenges, especially if they have meat. Jill and Thomas are on their way up in the gondolas as the others are on their way down.

Nat and Kat arrive at the restaurant and hope to have Viking outfits they have to wear. They arrive on the doorstep, saying they want to partake in the traditional Christmas ritual. They wish the hosts a Merry Christmas and find the area romantic with the candles, but seeing a little glass of water next to their plates, they say they know the Race well enough to know when they see a little glass of water, that it’s a bad sign.


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