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Amazing Race 17 – Ep 5 – Gondolas, Sheep Heads, and Hercules

Route Markers
• Loved QVC asking the cabin dude (Kiss Count #7) what he was doing living all the way out there? I would like to know what kind of messed up dinner parties he is having where he needs a chainsaw to cut his fish!
• Thomas showing his higher education at its finest – “I’ve been on many gondolas.” In South Bend? Is that the Venice of the Midwest elite schools?
• Brooke in a perfect description of herself – “I’m the hyper energetic, passionate, dedicated person, and Claire is the calm before the storm.” They are a good mix that way. Seriously, CBS, you should have waited for these two before casting your View ripoff.
• Glad that Michael sees this has his last opportunity to pee with his son.
• Volleyballers – This is Amazing Race, this is NOT Amazing Friends.” Or Top Scallop.
• Fitting that I finally am able to tell the Volleyballers apart as they get eliminated.
• Also loved how Nat gave Kat permission to push her down any heights challenge, no Mika-esque freak-out from her!
• A sheep head for a Christmas ritual can’t be any crazier than a fat man breaking into your house, eating baked goods and leaving behind items you can buy in any Wal-Mart around the country. But hey, Mallory loves Christmas!
• Smart move by KNat to tear off the meat at first so they didn’t have to look at the sheep skull throughout the challenge.
• Claire’s contribution to Norwegian culture – explanation of the wedgie.
• Beautiful shot of the bridge, with the tiny, tiny blip of Kevin ascending.
• Did Gary make a balls joke? Or am I imagining things?
• It seems Thomas grew up in the mountains, maybe I should call him Bigfoot.
• Vicki felt like Hercules, let’s hope there are no Michael Bolton songs to prove it.
• Best part of the episode? Mallory trying to the Brow, and Phil raising it twice to indicate second place.
• Bigfoot Hyperbole Alert – “We just totally ruined ourselves!” There’s the education!
• Lastly, I kind of enjoyed the Bigfoot getting lost and faking the Volleyballers into thinking they weren’t hopelessly in last place moment. Does that make me a bad person?

Fast Forward – Eat a Sheep Head – KNat.

Roadblock – Rappel down the side of a bridge (avoid trolls who heard you trap, trap, trapping across their bridge), and then ascend back up. – Kevin, Gary, Claire, Bigfoot, Vicki, Chad, Katie.

Detour – Bikes or Boats – Ride mountain bikes up a, well, mountain, and get the color coded combination to your lock, and then bike back. Or ride a fish troller to a point on a map, then carry two large cod and a chainsaw to a cabin, and ride back. BIKES – Garlory, Bigfeet (HEY, a nickname!), Tattoo Two. BOATS – YouTube, QVC, Chad/Steph, Volleyballers.

Order of Finish – KNat (going to Costa Rica), Garlory, Bigfeet, YouTube, QVC, Tattoo Two, Chad/Steph, Volleyballers (Eliminated).

Next week – Russia. Music. Cinema. Babushkas. And Brook steps in poo.

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