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Project Runway, Oct. 21 – And Then There Were Three

Andy tells the judges that he was inspired by Laos. His new dress is the green dress. The judges note that he’s made two evening dresses and a swim suit. Nina, in fact, worries about his range. Michael Kors doesn’t like the styling. Heidi calls the bikini a throwaway piece.

Michael wanted to show the judges that he could do structured pieces. Michael Kors likes the effortless feel of the draped dress. Heidi likes the black top. Nina doesn’t understand why everything has the same palette. The judges don’t like the boxy feathery skirt, which they call unflattering.

Gretchen wanted to show key elements of her design. She did jewelry design for the first time. She wanted to pique interest. Nina says her looks are too “granola” and boring. They also need more “oomph.” Heidi likes the pieces, but suggests putting the models in heels. Michael Kors says the pieces don’t look expensive.

The judges dismiss everybody to deliberate. Backstage, the designers note that everybody got criticized. The judges deliberate and begin by expressing concern with people’s editing and choices. They’re especially surprised that some of the designers claimed to have spectacular pieces that they were reserving for Fashion Week, when it’s obvious that the smart play would have been to include a showstopper in this particular runway show.

The judges think Gretchen is too “reality-based,” which is a nice way of saying she doesn’t make fantastical or avant-garde pieces. She does have attitude, though. Mondo has showmanship, but runs the risk of being seen as a joke. He takes risks and mixes prints very well. He can be too overwrought and “circus-y.”

Michael used the same palette for everything, possibly because he thinks a collection should have a consistent palette. He’s a great draper, but needs more experience. His best pieces are both simple and elegant, while his worst tend to be overwrought. Andy made evening wear and a swimsuit. He’s trying to develop drama and makes good use of color. His range seems questionable.

The judges summon everyone back to the runway, where Heidi congratulates everybody for making it this far. Mondo is in, but the judges warn him there’s a fine line between fashion and costume. Gretchen is in, but the judges tell her she needs to polish her looks and elevate her style. It’s down to Andy and Michael. The judges didn’t like Andy’s swimsuit and they found Michael’s color scheme worrisome. Andy is in, and Michael is crushed to be told he’s out.

Personally, I’d have sent Andy home. As the string shirt showed, Michael did experiment with new techniques, while Andy apparently did not.

Heidi can see Michael’s upset and tries to comfort him. Later, backstage, he starts to cry and Gretchen hugs him. Michael’s upset because he’s afraid he’s going to have to go home with his tail between his legs and listen to his family’s “I told you so’s.”

Next week: Fashion Week!

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