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Project Runway, Oct. 21 – And Then There Were Three

The designers go to the Broadway Building, the site of their new workroom. There, Tim tells them they will be presenting two looks from their collections. They will also have to make a third look that will tie into the other two. They have thirty minutes to sketch and a budget of $300.

Mondo decides to make a jersey dress. Andy decides to make a dress with pleats. By the end of the day, however, Mondo decides he hates his dress. The designers go home for the night.

The next morning, the designers get back to work. Tim comes in to make his rounds. He starts with Michael, who can’t decide which two looks to show with his new one. Tim finds that worrying, as he believes that shouldn’t be a tough decision. Presumably, if one is told to make an outfit that complements two others, you decide which two before making the third. Michael’s failure to do that has Tim worried.

Gretchen wanted a playful look, and Tim likes the results. Mondo has quickly made a new dress and Tim likes it. Tim is also happy with Andy’s work. Before leaving, Tim encourages Andy, Gretchen, and Mondo to carry on– but advises Michael to not choke. Michael finds Tim’s warning worrying.

On the day of the runway show, Michael still hasn’t selected his two pieces, which makes me think his nerves have gotten the better of him. Tim sends in the models, and Andy is happy with how his designs look on the models. Right before the show starts, the designers indulge in the usual blather about Fashion Week, how close they are, how much they gave up to get here, etc. Nothing we haven’t heard before.

The designers head out to the runway and discover there is no guest judge. This means it’s going to be vital for them to show the judges something new, and not rely on old tricks.

Andy is up first. His first look is a sleeveless, two-toned, silver-grey minidress with pleats down going down the length of the dress and a ruffled collar around a v-shaped neckline. His second look is a silver-grey bikini and a gauzy, translucent cover-up. His last look is a shiny green dress with one shoulder and pleats all over the top. They’re nice, but we’ve established that Andy can do fancy pleats several episodes ago.

Michael’s first look is a draped, copper gown with a slit up one side. It’s also asymmetrical, with no sleeve on one side and a big, billowy sleeve on the other. His second look consists of a sleeveless copper top and a feathered black miniskirt. His last look consists of a sleeveless black shirt apparently made of lots and lots of strings and some black pants. Again, we established that Michael can do draping quite some time ago. The string shirt is quite novel, though.

Gretchen’s first look is a sleeveless olive green jumper. It looks too plain for Fashion Week. Her second look seems to be an attempt to borrow from Mondo’s book, for here she’s mixing two prints. The shirt and the pants are both rust-brown, but they have different patterns. The third look consists of dark shorts paired with a short-sleeved black and yellow tunic that is barely decent, as it’s obvious that model isn’t wearing a bra. A black belt holds the tunic in place.

Finally, Mondo is up. His first look consists of shorts and a shirt with mid-length sleeves. Both items are made of black and white prints. The model is also wearing a black cravat. Mondo’s second look consists of a patterned black and grey miniskirt paired with a sky blue long-sleeved shirt. The shirt has black and white cuffs trimmed with a band of hot pink. His final look is a long-sleeved black and white gown with large white spots on the sleeves and going down the front.

The judges start with Mondo, who tells them he’s used screen printing for the first time. He’s also using more neutrals. Heidi doesn’t like the blue shirt, but loves the spotted dress. Nina thinks he may be too theatrical, and, similarly, Michael Kors warns him to be more “balanced.” He does like the patterned skirt in the second look, but Nina doesn’t like the spotted dress.