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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 6 – Who Wants Soap Ice Cream?

Yigit – Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Mousse, Berry Compote and Almond Milk Ice Cream Says he put a lot of love on one plate. Dann loves the fruitiness. Elvis felt it a bit over-reduced, and Michael felt it all worked. Gail thought it was technically complex, and Michael loved the hidden layer of chocolate.

Erika – Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream with White Chocolate Pave and Blackberry Crème Brulee She is scooping ice cream to order. Dann said it was different. Uh oh. Elvis tasted a strange flavor in the ice cream, and Dann identified it as glue. Erika’s love of the ice cream and surprise at the taste did her in.

Zac – Deep Fried Whoopie Pie with Passion Fruit Cream and Asian Pear He is frying to order, and is making the Southern ladies happy. He also made some strange, annoying story about the pie being at the beach. Whatever. Gail loved his flavors, and it was texturally super. Elvis found the cake to be sweet, like liquid sugar. Dann loved the inside of the pie and Elvis found the ice cream to be a home run.

Morgan – Chocolate Date Cake, Banana Anise Cream, & Coffee Kahlua Jelly His soaked cake doesn’t work at first, so he has to add more syrup on Game Day. Dann loved the presentation, and Elvis felt it wasn’t overly sweet. Gail found the cake to be dry, and Dann said it really is loosely based on sticky pudding, despite Morgan selling it that way.

Heather – Spicy Chocolate Gingerbread Torte with Frozen Crème Anglaise & Blackberry Compote. Elvis dropped an “I told you so” on her regarding the color on the plate. Michael and Gail both complement the flavor. Gail calls it a “tasty little number.” Sadly for Danielle, she wasn’t talking about her numbers. Michael said she stuck to her guns on the color issue, but that was not a good idea.

Eric – Mississippi Mud Cake with Earl Grey Whipped Cream and Hot Fudge Sauce Gail raves about the plating and Eric beams. Elvis thinks it looks and tastes like something made by a pastry chef, not a baker. Eric has come a long way and this was his best dish so far, according to Elvis.

Danielle – Lemongrass & Ginger Truffle, Peppercorn Meringue and Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Zac points out, and Elvis later repeats, that this is more a plate of petit fours, not a dessert. Gail likes the playfulness, but Michael adds that it is not cohesive. Elvis finds it “sweet across the board.” He also makes a great point to her – she didn’t eat the numbers in order. That affects the taste of the dish, and she should have thought of that. Michael adds that presentation should come last, not first in planning.

The show pulls a switcheroo and brings in the ladies first – not the Top Three, but rather the Bottom Three. It is worth it to see the boys’ lament and try to figure out what went wrong for a while. I only wonder why no one asked who won when the girls came back. So, Yigit gets the win and Erika is gone.

Quickfire Hits
• Morgan regarding the elbow – “You go to the post with Shaq, you get knocked on your ass, then you learn.” Um, did Morgan just describe himself as the Shaq of Top Chef? I guess compared to the other six he is Diesel.
• So the bacon was stolen. It’s dessert – adding pig is never going to be something clamored for.
• Best Danielle moment, she hates white food. Even saying white food reminders her of mayo, which makes her body make cartoon character convulsions. True story – a good friend of mine wouldn’t eat white food for years. When he watched me eat chicken fried steak at Denny’s (I know, health food) he asked about the taste. My only response, “It tastes…white.” How else would you describe that gunk?
• Also, I once dated a girl who wouldn’t eat red food. It reminded her of blood. It’s amazing I got out of dating alive.
• Heather never made black and white food before? I mean, as I said, I get the color thing, but NEVER?
• Morgan doesn’t want to be “berated with show tunes and flamboyance.” He does realize he is on Bravo, right?
• Morgan on Zac – “You can hear Zac’s voice over the crowd…it’s got a Julie Andrews-like quality.”
• As annoying as they are, that was an amusing “Intervention” Parody.
• Yigit on Zac – “He’s a flamboyant man with a Butch palate.”
• Lastly, about Yigit – HATED the passive-aggressive, “Did anyone else have something missing off their racks today?” Shut. Up. Yigit. How much you want to bet that Heather left the treats in the Top Chef kitchen?

Next week – Heather calls the other three Team Loser. Ugh. We have Restaurant Wars – Team Diva vs. the rest of them. But is Diva breaking up, Heather tells Zac to shut up. Finally.

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