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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 6 – Who Wants Soap Ice Cream?

QUICKFIRE – Ripert’s pastry chef Michael Laiskonis is the guest judge and we learn that being presented with savory dishes is a problem for Zac, who doesn’t eat real food. Danielle was “baffled, baffled, baffled.” The biggest incident was Morgan grabbing the beets away from Go Diva members and he elbows Heather in the mouth. Part of me felt badly, the other part has just stopped laughing.

Zac – Steamed Beet Cake with a Sweet Goat Cheese Cream and Lemon Thyme Grenolata. He used mascarpone, heavy cream and sugar to make the goat cheese lighter.

Eric – Couscous with Milk, Apricot and Fig Compote with Prosciutto It is his first foray into savory cooking.

Danielle – Avocado with Candied Tomatoes, Basil Anglaise and Caramelized Corn – All she did was slice off the corn and caramelize it.

Morgan – Sweet Potato Risotto with Golden Beet Sorbet and Ginger-Infused Carrots. Gail tasted a lot of beet. To me, that would be a very bad thing. I think Gail and Michael disagreed.

Yigit – Chocolate Crèmeux with Bacon Fat and Caramelized Foie Gras.

Heather – Sour Cream Corn Custard with Roasted Beet Berry Compote and Mascarpone Cream. Heather was not pleased with how her compote came out, and the judges will shortly agree.

Bottom Three
Danielle – It was not sweet enough, and the corn was raw.
Eric – It was the least dessert-like.
Heather – Cannot taste the bacon, and undercooked compote.

Top Three
Morgan – it was risky but effective.
Zac – They loved the beet flavor. I prefer the flavor of my typo in that last sentence (mmm….beer).
Yigit – It was refined and bold.

Zac is the winner. It’s his first victory, and I’d say he’d never shut up, but well, he never shuts up now. He is offered a chance to sell back his immunity.

ELIMINATIONThe black and white party. Eric is spooked by the plating issues, to the point where he messes up, hogs the mixer, makes Erika mad, and forgets his recipe. Meanwhile, Heather and Erika are using red fruit. In a black and white challenge. Eric is making Mississippi Mud Pie, which is worrisome to Elvis because of its commonality. Morgan builds his up in columns to mimic a newspaper. Cute.

Danielle is making her dish in the shape of “128.” Really, she is. It’s almost as if the judges are contractually obligated to keep her around – she made a salad dress and numbers and she’s still around.

Then Heather loses her pea puree…er…I mean, she loses her half-sheet pan of white chocolate chip Rice Krispie treats. Not nearly t-shirt material. She thinks Morgan is sabotaging her. Meanwhile, Morgan is kicking her ass in the competition. And while the show missed any evidence of right or wrongdoing in the pea puree incident in Top Chef: DC, how could they possibly miss one of seven chefs stealing a half a tray of Krispie Treats? I mean, Snap and Pop would give it away instantly. Krackle, he could keep a secret.