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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 6 – Who Wants Soap Ice Cream?

I watched this week’s episode three time this week – not because it was a classic Top Chef episode, but because the first two times I fell asleep. Now, part it is comes from a workweek that really knocked me for a loop. Plus, my wife’s was even worse, so I was on full-time Dad Duty. Throw in a growing head cold and a baseball series I choose not to talk about any more, and you have a week full of busy and light on resting.

The other part comes from this episode being perhaps the most forgettable episode of a reality show ever. What really happened? There were two fairly difficult challenges, but perhaps too difficult as none of the dishes really left an impression. The eliminated chef was one of the only two I actually cared for, so that was depressing. And we have even more stupid Go Diva vs. Morgan drama which grew tiresome weeks ago.

So, in the absence of much else, we can focus on the challenges. I must admit that I would not want to eat any of the Quickfire dishes, but I appreciate the challenge. Not only were they forced to used savory ingredients, and needless to say, not too many people clamoring for sweets containing meats, cheeses and vegetables, but also they had to do so in one pot.

The one pot challenge is a great one in regular Top Chef because the one pot meal is commonplace in most families’ kitchens. However, not many desserts other than Jell-O really take one pot. What it did provide was an excuse for Gail to shill for the soap company…what was the name again? (This is me refusing to do the same!)

Meanwhile, the LA Times is 128 years old. And I am sure the print version has another, what, 3-4 years left? Anyway, they are having a party and the Chefs must make something using only black and white. Get it, because it’s a newspaper. Although it gave Gail a perfect opportunity to break out a stunning black and white dress. Go Gail!

You wouldn’t think that black and white would be so difficult – I mean…COOKIES!! But when you give it some thought, these pastry chefs are trained to use color, color and more color. Similar to the one-pot, this challenge was all about taking away their tools and methods and pigeonholing them into a very limited challenge.

And in the end, I lost part of my Eric/Erika pair as Miss Erika is sent packing. Despite claiming that ice cream was how she makes her money, her lemon poppy seed ice cream did her in. a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2on16YUAA7I”> First of all, ew. And second of all, I am sure that she didn’t plan on it tasting like Dial Soap. DAMN! I plugged them after all! I wonder if the ice cream maker was not properly rinsed off before she used it.

So, the annoying Go Divas remain, and I agree with Morgan, I would not want to be in that house with them singing show tunes, telling countless inside jokes, and projecting elitist attitude without actually earning the right. It leaves Morgan and his creepy uncle vibe. Danielle who seems to have not a single clue on how to compete in this competition, and who acts like a SNL character. And Eric, who is the last hope for someone to actually root for, and I hope his plating successes this week elevate this confidence to a level where the Zen Baker could pull out this victory.