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Amazing Race 17 – Ep 4 – A Tale of Two Races

plummet down a cliff like Wile E. Coyote , and have one of them calmly state, “so let’s do the other challenge.” Gryffindor basically waited a bit too long to flip tasks, and that was their undoing.

Meanwhile, Chad and Stephanie struggled in their own way. Chad rocked the challenge, but Stephanie was afraid of every part of the challenge – the chair, the hill, the snow, the helmet, her feet, the cameraman, her shadow, Chad, Sweden, deep thoughts and the competitive spirit. All of her struggles made Chad angry. CHAD SMASH They got lucky that the bumbling Volleyballers and Gryffindor were worse.

Jill/Thomas had their own issues. Seriously, what’s with the dating couples this year? The Babe Teams seem to be imploding much earlier than usual. These issues included running in the wrong direction and winding up in Santa’s Workshop . Their inability to do anything right this episode led them to use the Express Pass as a lifeline rather than as a strategic chip. Now, if presented with a Meatblock, they’ll have to do it. If they didn’t suck at an easy challenge and other smaller issues, they would have that in their pocket.

So Gryffindor becomes the latest team to go from first to worst after making a mental error in the airport, and a physical error on the ski slopes. The Elimination Station just got a lot more musical.

Route Markers
• Kiruna, Sweden – I wonder if that’s one of the tons of Swedish towns I can’t remember from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo .
• I totally want to stay in the Ice Hotel. As someone who is constantly warm – that sounds like heaven.
• Interesting that YouTube was only 14 minutes behind KNat last week – I really thought they would be further behind than that.
• QVC decided to dress the way “they really are” – and apparently that is to dress like Molly Ringwald circa 1985.
• Mallory upon getting help in the Ghana airport – “I am so glad I have blonde hair.” HA! Yep, blondes have more fun, and they get better flights.
• Mallory again, as she pulls flags from her cleavage – “I feel like a magician.” Double HA! Another interesting beauty queen on the Amazing Race – how do they manage to make interesting what appears to be fake an plastic in real life?
• Michael on the course, seeing something in the bushes – “Is that a fake bear?” Yep, it’s a fake bear, one that hopefully is keeping its paws where we can see them.
• QVC Kiss Count – Six and counting.
• Famous Last Words Alert – Jill to Thomas – “Are you sure it’s this way?” I love how the edit this team is getting is that educated Thomas seems to be a moron, and his less educated girlfriend is clearly the smart one. Sounds like a CBS sitcom.
• KNat has played the first all-woman team card. Trying to go where no woman has gone before – if the BQs never won, not sure if anyone can.
• Not much on the Tattoo Two this week – except for two things. First, Vicki’s leopard print Arctic attire. Second, this line – “We are more a physical couple than mental.” No. Kidding.

ROADBLOCK-Drive a dog sled through a course and grab five flags, trade the flags for fur pelts (really?) and then trade the pelts for the clue – Michael, Mallory, Claire, Kat, Connor, Steph, Jill, Nick, Katie.

– Sleds or Beds. Sleds – Ride a Techsled on a downhill course and finish better than 1:58. Or Beds – construct a tent and sleeping arrangements in a traditional Swedish nomad location.
Sleds – QVC, Garlory, KNat, Tattoo Two,
Beds – YouTube, Chad/Steph (eventually), Volleyball (eventually), and Gryffindor (eventually)
Express Pass – Jill/Thomas

– KNat (going to Belize!), Garlory, QVC, YouTube, Jill/Thomas, Tattoo Two, Chad/Steph, Volleyball, Gryffindor (ELIMINATED).

Next week – We have an eating challenge. And Claire asks Brooke to shut up. Lots of viewers scream, “Thank you!”
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