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The Amazing Race, Oct. 17 – The Importance of Good Decisions

Chad and Stephanie are starting the tent, as he says it’s “going to be a bitch.” Vicki notes they’re more of a physical couple than mental, so this task isn’t scary to them at all, and they finish in 1:46. Katie and Rachel make their first attempt and are wiping out as well. Katie loses her sled down the mountain and she and Rachel decide to just do the tent-building. Jonathan wipes out again and says he’s beyond this with it becoming truly painful. As they finish in 4:24 they move on to tent-building.

Jill and Thomas are named team number five on Phil’s mat, and he sates he thinks they made the right choice. Seeing Katie and Rachel come up to start building the tent, Chad and Stephanie realize they’re still in it. They get the tent up, and he tells her to start building the bed while he makes the fire. Nick and Vicki are on Phil’s mat for team number six. Team Glee now arrives to start building the tent. They’re all thrilled that none of them are out of it just yet. Chad and stephanie finish and are on their way to the pit stop. She apologizes for disappointing him, which of course she shouldn’t.

Katie and Rachel build the fire and are told it doesn’t really match with the sample they were given. This fires Team Glee on. Chad and Stephanie are named team number seven, and he notes she seems to be in good spirits. She replies it was scary, as she was so disappointed she was going to lose this for them. He knows he shouldn’t have pushed her so hard. Katie and Rchel put rocks around their fire as Team Glee moves pelts in. Katie and Rachel are finally told it’s good as Team Glee works on finishing. They are passed as well and both teams are on their way to the pit stop.

Team Glee know they never gave up and that anything can happen. It’s Katie and Rachel who are the next to arrive, and Team Glee show up on the mat humming/singing Pomp & Circumstance. They’re, of course, eliminated. Connor notes they graduated from Princeton and lost the Race all on the same day. It was one of the most incredible experiences of their lives, and he couldn’t think of anyone better to share it with. They throw their hats, as he says it was a really nice ending to an unbelievable adventure. They sing on the way out, of course.

The major mistake made by Team Glee wasn’t letting Jonathan struggle repeatedly on the sleds before they decided to change tasks. Where they messed up was being the first to arrive at the airport, yet not using that hour advantage of time to check on earlier flights. Had they don’t that, they’d still be in there. The others in the bottom five also made the same mistake. That’s the reason Kevin and Michael went from last to fourth place. They made very, very sound decisions throughout. And Jill and Thomas might not still be there had they not used their Express Pass. Now they’re in fifth place.

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