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The Amazing Race, Oct. 17 – The Importance of Good Decisions

Rachel, Connor, Stephanie, and Nick are guiding their sled dogs, but it doesn’t have the fun factor attached as when Michael was doing it. Jill and Thomas are still running, and she suggests it looks like they’re running into nowhere. Stephanie says she’s been wanting a Husky forever. Jill and Thomas stop to read their clue and know “we’re screwed.” They head back and realize they ran a mile for no reason. He doesn’t think it’s reason to panic just yet. Well, they still have the Express Pass and can use it on the Detour when they get there. Once they do, they keep the pass and Jill finally takes off on this task.

Michael and Kevin are pretty confident they’re in first place and are happy about that. They find the train station and the cluebox. It’s a Detour – Sleds or Beds. In Sleds, teams will head to the top of a mountain and using an extreme sports sled, head down a difficult course and both reach the finish line in under 1:58. Why not two minutes? Why 1:58? That’s odd. When they succeed, they’ll get the next clue. In Beds, teams head to an encampment of the earliest Scandinavian Nomads. Using traditional materials, they’ll build a tent-like building that looks like a teepee, and once it’s finished with bedding and a fire, they’ll get the next clue. Michael and Kevin do Beds, fearing Michael will struggle in the Sleds. Probably a wise idea after the last leg of the Race.

The Doctors arrive and decide to do Sleds. Michael and Kevin are struggling with their tent. Connor finishes his dog sled race and Team Glee takes off for the Train Station. Nick finishes as well, and so do Katie and Stephanie. Jill finishes, and Chad realizes that he and Stephanie would be in last place if Jill and Thomas use their Express Pass. Thomas is realizing they might have to use it as well.

Michael and Kevin are still working on the tent, with Kevin staying it’s different than they expected, as they thought they were building a bed, not a tent. Gary and Mallory arrive and decide to do Sleds, thinking it will be easier. Brook and Claire are also doing the sledding. The Doctors are on a chair lift to the top of the mountain and are in awe of the scenery. Kat takes off down the course and wipes out. So much for the 1:58. Nat finishes and waits for her teammate. Gary and Mallory are next down the mountain. Kat finishes in 3:36 and they have to do it again. Gary and Mallory think they’re with the clock saying 1:58, but they have to “beat” that time.

Michael and Kevin get the tent up and are making a comfy bed for the inhabitants. Nat and Kat finally finish, this time in 1:55 and get the next clue to head to the pit stop at the Norwegian Border. Brooke and Claire are headed down the mountain on their first attempt and complete it in 1:43. Gary and Mallory get 1:24 this time.

The next group is beginning to arrive, with Team Glee and Chad/Stephanie deciding to do Sleds. Chad is confident they can beat the time on their first try. He was pumped to see that, but she isn’t, yet wants to try and hack it for him. Nat and Kat get to the pit stop and are named team number one. They have won a trip for two to Belize. They want to be the first female team to win The Amazing Race.

Katie/Rachel and Nick/Vicki arrive at the Detour and both are doing Sleds. Michael and Kevin finish their tent and bedding and get the next clue. It’s Gary/Mallory and Brook/Claire on Phil’s mat next to be named teams number two and three. Jill and Thomas arrive at the Detour in last place and know they could bypass it to kill everyone. Then, you should. You’re in last place, Dude.

Team Glee makes its first attempt in the Sleds and they both keep wiping out. Chad and Stephanie are the next down the mountain, and her heart drops surveying the course as she says she’s never been so afraid. She was shaking from head to toe form the start. Sure enough, she falls, losing control and not knowing how to stop it. She does it repeatedly, like Team Glee. She tells Chad she’s scared, and he shoots back, “Well, don’t even try or anything.” Way to support your teammate.

Team Glee finishes with 2:03 and has to do it again. Stephanie is telling Chad she can’t do it. He finishes in 2:43, and pronounces that it’s not that bad, but thinks Stephanie is letting her head get to her, as he waits for her. Jill and Thomas have decided to do the tent, as he notes it looks like it could take some time, and she’s not so sure about it. She asks if they should use the Express Pass, as they don’t want to get eliminated without having used it. Stephanie tells Chad she’s done and can’t do it. Jill and Thomas hand in their Express Pass and head to the pit stop. She thinks it’s the best choice. Stephanie is pleading with Chad to move on, saying she crashed three times and it’s scaring her.

Michael and Kevin jump on Phil’s mats to be named team number four, as he notes they seem pleased with themselves. Michael says they just kept their minds on the fact this could be their last test. Connor makes it down the mountain the second time, but Jonathan still struggles, saying it’s a “gross understatement” to say Connor is better at it. He was scared he was really going to hurt himself as he kept going over the fencing. They don’t make it and have to try again.


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