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The Amazing Race, Oct. 17 – The Importance of Good Decisions

The airport worker comes back and tells Michael, Kevin, Mallory, and Gary that they’re on the flight. She is very happy and is glad she has blonde hair. Team Glee becomes suspicious and think the four of them scheduled something and head to the Internet Cafe to see what they can find. The Doctors have also found and booked that flight. Claire and Brook ask if they’ve found something, and they share the info as the HSN hosts arrange for the earlier flight as well. Team Glee arrives to find the flight booked.

In Frankfurt, the four earlier connecting teams run to the next gate. Michael and Kevin hop in the elevator to get there instead of running like the others. While the others have boarded the flight, somehow Michael and Kevin are still in the elevator. They sprint once off the elevator and just make it. The other teams realize they’re now on a five-way sprint to not come in last.

The first flight hits Sweden, and all take off in cars for the Ice Hotel. They find it fairly quickly, although Gary drives past it, and Mallory “told you, told you, told you” that he’d miss it. Michael and Kevin resolve to just follow Gary. The Doctors and the HSN hosts are the first teams to arrive at the ice storage for the hotel, finding it amazing. Brook cracks that her fiancé refers to her as the Ice Princess, and jokes she might have to borrow the elegant coat of the woman who seems to be guarding the storage. Their clues are, of course, inscribed in ice blocks. They take off with these blocks, hoping they won’t melt before they figure out where they need to go.

Gay and Mallory arrive next, as well as Michael and Kevin, who have found their speed bump. They will need to sit on ice furniture for ten minutes before continuing. Kevin isn’t happy about this, as he’s wearing soccer shorts. Michael wishes they would have had the chairs in Ghana.

Gary and Mallory stop and ask for help in reading their clue. Kevin says it’s starting to hurt to sit there, like needles sticking into his butt cheeks. For Michael it’s okay, as he’s only putting one side on the chair at a time. Finally, their time is up and they get the clue. They’re the last of the four teams, but of course the other five teams haven’t even landed yet. Kevin cracks they’re now wishing they would have brought gloves … and butt pads.

The Doctors and HSN hosts are driving on an unmarked trail and Claire starts telling ghost stories. Gary and Mallory approach it as well. Oddly, it’s Michael and Kevin who get to the cluebox first. They find a Roadblock asking which one of them is “feeling mushy.” Obviously it has to be a sled race. One member from each team must use a summer training sled and mush their dogs down a forest trail picking up flags they can trade for fur pelts. For every flag missed, they will do a penalty lap, then take the dogs back to the beginning of the course to get their next clue.

Michael’s doing this task, telling his dogs, “Good doggie, good doggie.” He is seriously the cutest thing out there telling them they’re good doggies and to “slow, slow, slow” as they approach the flags. He sounds like my kids’ pediatrician, which sounds odd, as it’s not like he tells my kids they’re good doggies. But I’m waiting for Michael to say, “Hello. Whats the matter?” in his Asian accent. He rides past a fake bear.

The other three teams arrive as Michael cheers his doggies on. Kat is doing this task, as well as Mallory and Claire. Claire grew up on a ranch, working with sleighs and animals, so thinks she has this. Michael approaches to the guy with the fur pelts, turning in his flags and has them all. He takes off with the pelts back to the start.

The second flight arrives and all are in route in their designated cars. Mallory is missing flags on the course because she’s shorter. One of the ladies on the course wants to get her Great Danes and Pug to do the sled pulling. A guy comes up in a dog sled, and everyone racing right now is female, so I’m wondering if it’s a cameraman or producer. Mallory hands in her flags one short and has to run her penalty lap. Claire hands in hers and gives the guy a kiss for their sixth kiss on the Race. Kat gets her pelts as well.

The other teams begin arriving at the Ice Storage and most write the clue down instead of taking the block of ice. Thomas picks up the clue and takes it, along with Jill’s jacket. Kevin, Gary, Nat, and Brook are waiting for their teammates to finish the Roadblock, as Michael comes triumphantly in with his good doggies. He returns the pelts and gets a clue, calling it “so much fun.” Their clue has them driving through the countryside to the Vassijaure Train Station to get the next clue. Claire comes in next and gets her clue, followed by Mallory and Kat.

Chad notes that of their group of five teams they’re all in a pack, but Jill and Thomas haven’t been seen. They all reach the Roadblock, with Rachel doing the sled riding, as well as Connor, Stephanie, and Nick. Jill and Thomas arrive and she’ll be doing the sled-riding. They take off in the wrong direction running away from where they need to pick up the sled and dogs. She asks if he’s sure it’s this way, and he asks her if she realizes they’re in last place.


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