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The Amazing Race, Oct. 17 – The Importance of Good Decisions

Father and Son team Michael and Kevin were saved last week as they raced through Ghana and made the bad decision of switching tasks on the Detour when they were already towards the back of the pack. This was nearly the deciding point, but the kicker was Michael getting overwhelmed pushing the bicycle rim with a stick. With great sportsmanship, they wanted to finish this leg, even though it was clear they would be in last place and be eliminated. They were saved by the non-elimination and will have to do a speed bump tonight, which doesn’t seem lately to be a big deal. Will they be helped with an equalizer such as catching a flight that everyone makes?

During this pit stop, all the teams pitched in to help the community renovate their schools. They’re painting, putting in bricks, etc. Team Glee, Connor and Jonathan, sing while they work, “We’re working on the schoolhouse, a gift from Amazing Race.” It’s good to see the teams giving back, and assumably they all gained an unforgettable experience in the process. Assumably they were given more than the normal 12 hour pit stop. It’s hard to imagine them coming in, doing early work the next day, then leaving again.

The first team to leave the second pit stop in Ghana are Team Glee at 10:15 AM. Their clue is sending them to the airport to fly to the Arctic Circle, Kiruna, Sweden, to be exact. Because of limited flights, the teams are already receiving their tickets on a flight, and all on the same flight. That means Michael and Kevin are back in business. However, Phil notes the teams are under no obligation to use the tickets they are being given. In Sweden, the teams will drive to a nearby town to the Ice Hotel. They need to go to the warehouse where the ice is kept during the summer to get their next clue.

Connor mentions their college graduation is actually taking place during this leg of the race. Jonathan thinks it’s a testament to how dedicated they are, that they’re willing to miss their graduation. They ask their driver to speed up, and he tells them to take their time. Jonathan explains they can’t, as they’re in a Race.

Gary and Mallory are the next to leave, more than an hour later, at 11:19 AM. She’s really excited to be headed to Sweden, and her dad points out they’re going from 100 degrees to a probable 0. Chad and Stephanie leave ten minutes later, and she wonders if she’s ever mentioned how much she hates snow. Kate and Rachel leave at 12:12 PM. It’s still hard to tell the difference between the two, but who I think is Rachel thinks it’s cool to go to Sweden, as she’s half Swedish, although she speaks very limited language of the area.

Nick and Vicki leave at 12:23 PM and he messes up telling their driver they’re headed to the Arctic Circle. It seems he didn’t learn enough in their Geography challenge on the last leg. You really can’t get from the Arctic Circle to Africa by cab. Brook and Claire leave one minute later and are worried to not have snow boots, While they had been extra-excited to be able to Race in their tight pink and black clothing “to show who we really are,” now they need to put on more clothes heading into to a cooler climate. Team Glee arrives at the airport and find check-in time isn’t until 4:30 PM for their flight, so decide to just camp there. Why not try to find an earlier flight?

Jill and Thomas leave at 12:29 PM, and he mentions their Express Pass they’re still holding onto, saying they’re not going to panic and use it before they have to, as then that’s a waste. Right. But you also don’t want to leave the game still holding onto it. Nat and Kat leave at 1:12 PM, and Nat is happy to be going back to her Homeland and “my people.”

Michael and Kevin leave in last place at 1:26 PM. Kevin mentions they are both immensely focused with the speed bump and the fight of their lives coming up. On the way to the airport, Michael makes note that their current itinerary has them in Frankfurt for a stopover, They borrow their driver’s phone and call ahead, finding a flight leaving Frankfurt at 7:35 AM instead of 9:51 AM. It’ll be a quick run to the next flight, but they think they can make it.

Arriving at the airport, Michael and Kevin realize they others haven’t checked on the earlier flight and wonder if they should tell Gary and Mallory, who they often work with, about the earlier flight and decide they should. They don’t want to have the other teams become suspicious, so they ask Mallory to ask an airport worker to check on tickets for them.

Nat and Kat meanwhile are looking for an earlier flight at the Internet Cafe, and Brook and Claire realize they haven’t seen the Doctors in awhile, but realizing there’s an Internet Cafe there, they know that’s where they’ll probably find the Doctors.


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