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Hell’s Kitchen, Oct. 13 – It's All in the Editing

Over in blue Russell is refusing to communicate with Rob. While it was Rob’s error forgetting the chicken, Russell knowingly stood by and watched it happen. What kind of person wants to win by others’ failures and not their own strengths?

The red kitchen is still having issues with Trev. Chef Ramsay decides to put Nona on to garnish since she is finished with the appetizer station. He sends Trev out of the kitchen and tells him to get fresh air. Trev tells the diary cam he is upset with himself because he is the guy who can do everything. Guess not, Trev. He says that Chef Ramsay expected Superman and got Clark Kent instead. Without Trev in the kitchen the woman rock out the entrees. Nona thinks he left to go paint his nails; I think she believes that Lois Lane should be up tonight. The red team has only one ticket left, blue kitchen has nine.

Sabrina and Rock really seem to be enjoying the goings-on in blue kitchen. Rob puts the icing on the cake after Vinnie brings rubbery lobster up, by sending raw chicken to the pass. Chef Ramsay kicks the entire blue team out of the kitchen. Some members of this team should realize you are only as strong as your weakest player, and do what they can to stop the sinking of the ship.

Trev comes back to the kitchen with one ticket left. I am going to scream if I hear that they couldn’t do it without him. After red finishes their tickets they move on and finish blue’s orders. At the end of service Chef Ramsay congratulates the ladies on a fantastic service; he tells Trev that he was a disaster.

The blue team lines back up downstairs and Chef Ramsay tells them they were clearly the losers. He goes on to say each and every one of them was a disaster. He tells them to think of two nominees and to hurry up. The guys go back upstairs to figure out who goes home. Russell believes he did everything he could. He appears to be that person that would push all the ladies and children out of the way to save himself first and then watch everyone else sink. In my opinion that does not a leader make. A good cook yes, a respected leader and team player – no way.

The ladies are dancing and laughing. Trev feels like he was left out to dry. It couldn’t possibly be that his station was a disorganized mess that he caused, because he didn’t want help with prep. He started the night behind the 8-ball because of a bad attitude and it just snowballed. I say throw him back over on blue and send one of the guys home. Once again he shows himself for the pig that he is. He says it is the others’ fault because they didn’t help him and instead yelled at him.

Sabrina says she was trying to help Trev. She is the one that stepped up and asked if he needed help; got to give credit where credit is due. He tells her she wasn’t trying to help him; she was trying to be a bitch. All hell starts to break loose. Nona screams stop and tells them that they cannot fall apart like blue team. Is this the big blow-up we were promised at the end of the last show? Boo for making something seem so much more exciting. What a letdown.

Once again on blue it looks like Boris is going to be the scapegoat. Russell votes for Boris and Vinnie, even though Boris got through his appetizers. Vinnie had sendbacks and Rob tried to serve raw chicken; those should easily be the nominees. Boris reluctantly agrees to vote for Russell and Rob. It’s a joke, really, that these fully grown adults have no sense of accountability. Rob doesn’t think he was that bad, so he votes for Boris and Vinnie. Vinnie votes for Rob because he can’t give an accurate time. Hello … raw chicken!

Chef Ramsay calls on Rob to tell him the nominees. He says Boris crashed and burned tonight. The second nominee has Rob tongue-tied; he finally spits out that it is tied between himself and Vinnie. Chef Ramsay is disgusted that they can’t even come to an agreement on this. Chef Ramsay asks Rob why he wants to nominate Vinnie. He is told that Vinnie had sendbacks and was having a hard time. Vinnie is asked why he wants to nominate Rob and is told it’s because he had sendbacks, couldn’t call times correctly, and doesn’t even realize that it is a problem.

Chef Ramsay calls all three down. He turns to Boris and asks why, in response Boris said I started slow but got it done with no returns. Rob, I think, makes a fatal mistake and says he did his best tonight. Chef Ramsay asks if pink chicken means anything to him. He goes on to say that Rob just confirmed that he likes to blow smoke up his own bleep. And that, my friends, is why I just love Chef Gordon Ramsay. Vinnie says that he has been told in the past he can cook meat and fish well. He does not believe the problem was him. Chef Ramsay tells him that it doesn’t matter and he should get a grip.

The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen tonight is Boris. He believes that he has a big heart and passion, but didn’t show his passion. Chef Ramsay tells Rob and Vinny to go back in line and states that he is not finished yet. Chef Ramsay wants to hear from Trev. Mouths drop, Sabrina smiles, and we see a “… to be continued.”

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