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Hell’s Kitchen, Oct. 13 – It's All in the Editing

Turns out blue team not only had to wrap the kitchen, they also had to fumigate. Rob still is doing nothing, but he looks like one of the oompa loompas that carried off Mike TV in Willy Wonka. While Rob is dancing around the kitchen in an extremely tight Hazmat suit, the red team is getting salsa lessons. After a day of sun and fun, the red team returns to find the blue team still fumigating, and Rob is still fuming. The red team heads up to bed and leaves the blue team in the kitchen.

The next day both teams prep their kitchens for dinner service. Russell again decides he is big man on campus; the only difference is the rest of the team isn’t buying it anymore. Russell tells them to worry about their own stations, and if you get finished then help someone else. Others are not seeing it that way, especially Boris, who is sick of Russell’s crap. He is not the only person over Russell, so am I. Russell repeatedly is telling the diary cam that Boris needs to go back to Russia. I know I have poked fun with my Boris the Caterer a bit, but enough is enough. It seems Russell has a big problem with where Boris is a decendent from and the editing Gods are taking full advantage of it. Russell himself has a little Transylvania Eddie Monster type hair style going on; maybe he is from the old country too. As I said in the last hour, cocky does not sit well with me.

Over in red kitchen, Trev, as he would probably put it, is acting like a cranky, little, spoiled brat. He feels that the girls take advantage of him and don’t give him the praise they should; after all he was this team’s superman. He decides the best way to deal with his rejection is to stop talking to everyone. He does not want any help. Sabrina offers since she is finished prepping her station, but he doesn’t want any of it. Seems to me he might be shooting himself in the foot. He tells Jillian if he wants a babysitter maybe he will hire her. Jillian thinks maybe it is Trev’s time of the month. Sabrina loves the fact that Trev is calling all of this negative focus to be on him. The ladies are enjoying rattling his chain a little.

There is an hour till service and Chef Ramsay has decided to do his pep talk outside in front of the restaurant. He tells them tonight is a black tie event, invitation only. It is the 100th opening of Hell’s Kitchen. He points out to them the Good Year Blimp flying over L.A. announcing the 100th service. While most are impressed with this, Russell seems to think it is a joke. He tells the diary cam that if you think you are big you get yourself a blimp. I would love to know if Chef Ramsay gets to see these things before he makes his elimination decision. There will also be chef tables in each kitchen.

Limos pull up with the VIP chef table guests. Sabrina is hoping it will be P Diddy. Hell’s Kitchen Season 3 winner Rock gets out of the limo. He is followed by HK 4 winner Christina and HK 5 winner Danny. I wouldn’t have recognized him. He is in a suit, with a short haircut, and no bandana or beanie on his head. Lastly is HK 7 winner, Holli. I wonder if she is still living in England. Chef Ramsay tells this season’s aspiring chefs to look over to those chef tables during service to find their inspiration. Trev is hoping to bring his A game so that the winning chefs will know he is the one that is going to be running L.A. Market. All of the contestants seem to realize how important service is tonight to Chef Ramsay.

Doors are opened for the 100th service. I wish Jean Philippe could have been one of the special diners. There are editors, chefs and celebrities in the dining room tonight.

Boris is on the appetizer station and seems to be handling fine at his own pace. Russell looks like he is going to try to find trouble where there is none. Boris must be an even-keeled man, because I would want to scream back off! Over on red, Nona is on the appetizer station. She makes the same mistake Vinnie made last week, and tries to use risotto from a previous order. She did ask Gail, who thought it was fine, but at this level you really need to make your own decisions and stand by the consequences. Her fresh batch gets the seal of approval from Chef Ramsay, and he questions why she would do what she did when she can make it so well.

Thirty minutes into service and the former winners are escorted into the kitchen to their chef’s tables. They stop to look at the cake which has snapshots of seasons past on it. Sabrina and Rock are seated in the blue kitchen, while Holli and Dave are over in red. Boris, with Rob’s help, gets out all the appetizers and moves on to entrees. Rock seems to like Boris. Nona also finishes her appetizers.

Trev is sinking hard and fast on the garnish station. He is holding orders up for sides that don’t even go on that plate. Gail asks if she can go, she is on meat, and he says yes. Chef Ramsay notes that she has raised the bar and her meat is excellent. Unfortunately Trev is not ready. He brings up burnt and raw gnocchi. The entrees are at a standstill.

On the blue side a lobster dish is sent back because it is chewy. Then another and another are brought back chewy. Luckilyy for Vinnie, Trev is sinking even deeper. Jillian’s lobster is now sitting waiting for garnish, which isn’t even on the stove yet. Sabrina jumps on the station to try to get things moving, followed by Nona. Chef Ramsay sees what is going on and tells Gail to get over there and help him too. When Gail gets over there, the first thing she notices is that Trev is burning his squash.