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Hell’s Kitchen, Oct. 13 – It's All in the Editing

Back to the kitchen they have 45 minutes to make their fine dining entree. Sabrina’s lentils take 45 minutes to cook. Gail and Jillian ask her if she needs any help to which she obviously replies no. It seems today the red team is all against one and the blue team is one against all. Russell has decided no one else knows how to cook and is walking around questioning and double checking everyone else. If I was on the blue team, trying to land a head chef position, the last thing I would want is for someone else to take the leadership role. They all seem comfortable falling into place.

Time is up. I like how he is going to decide the winning team. He is bringing in a panel of judges and they are going to tell Chef Ramsay how much they would be willing to pay for that dish. The team with the highest dollar amount wins.

The first judge is Mark Peel, Chef Owner of Campanile in Los Angeles. Boris thinks that Chef Peel is a bad ass. The second judge is food critic, Sophie Gayot. The third judge is food blogger for Yelp, Libby Rego. Lastly is Justin Wyboron, General Manager of Nobu, West Hollywood. I think he looks like Spencer Pratt and am looking for Heidi to appear, Sabrina thinks that these are legitimate judges, unlike Chef Ramsay?

The first round will be the two meat dishes. Nona is representing the red team. She has prepared Pan-Seared Ribeye, Parsnip Puree and Sautéed Broccolini. Sophie Gayot thinks the meat is nicely prepared but the broccolini just lying on the plate is not very elegant. Rob’s plate looks a little more interesting, he has made Grilled NY Strip with Shiitake Mushrooms and Onions. She thinks it is a very nice NY Strip, but questions why there is so much onion on the plate. Chef Ramsay asks how much she would pay for each meal. She believes a lot more time went into Nona’s dish and would pay $32. For Rob’s dish she would pay $26. Of course, Rob tells the diary cam she doesn’t know what she is talking about and is out of her mind. Yet has she liked his more she would have been a genius.

Next up will be the pork dishes, judged by Mark Peel. Boris is presenting his pork dish first. He has made Pork Tenderloin with Stir-fry. The pork looks dry, but that might be the camera and lights. Mark Peel says that he likes the colors on the dish, but the pork is dry. Gail and Jillian cook Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Peaches and Shallots. He feels that the peaches are great but the pork is a little bland. Now the big question which is worse, over cooked pork or under seasoned. He would pay $28 for Gail & Jillian and $26 for Boris’ dish. Red leads now by $8.

The third entree is the chicken. Libby Rego is judging Russell and Trev. Russell makes a Chicken Cacciatore with Rustic Vegetables. I am probably wrong but to me it looks like the announcer has made an error. Every chicken cacciatore I know is tomato-based. This looks more like a masala. Libby thinks the chicken is cooked well, but the potatoes are undercooked. Trev makes Lemon Roasted Chicken Breast. Libby believes the chicken is nice and the skin has a great crisp to it. Unfortunately for Trev, he also has problems properly cooking root vegetables. His carrots are undercooked. Libby tells Trev she would pay $22 for his dish. Russell’s dish would bring $26. Blue narrows the loss to within $4.

The last up is Vinnie and Sabrina. The challenge will be won or lost on Sabrina’s Lentils. Judging the lamb entree will be Justin Wyboron. Sabrina presents Lamb with Lentils and Red Wine. Justin thinks the Lamb is cooked really well and he likes the sauce. Vinnie makes Lamb Chops with Red Potatoes. He is confident that he will beat the least experienced chef in the kitchen. Justin thinks the dish has lots of flavor and is really good. However he does not like the way the dish looks at all. The potatoes and zucchini are kind of swimming in au jus. He points out on the red team’s dish that he does not usually order things with lentils (I hear a but coming). He would be willing to pay $23 for the blue team’s dish; he would pay $28 for red dish. Red team wins by $9.

When you look at the numbers in general it is interesting. Nona, who keeps seeing the bottom for elimination, presented the highest-priced dish. Sabrina, Gail and Jillian all tied at $28. The guy who thinks he is the best on the red team actually brought in the lowest-valued dish from all of the dishes at $22.

The red team is going sailing on the ocean with dinner on the waterfront. The blue team gets to clean and prep the dining room for a black tie event. Funny, they also got to clean and prep the dining room for prom. They should be good at this now. When they are done with that wonderful chore it will be on to wrapping both kitchens for fumigation. Russell looks like his head is going to pop off. He will probably try to blame Boris, but his difference was only $2. Rob and Vinnie were less successful in this challenge. Russell believes that he won and is being punished for the others not pulling their weight. In fact, his dish was only the highest priced from the guys. He didn’t beat a single woman.

The boat the red team is on is amazing, and everyone is having a great time. They are greeted by some samba music as the captain pulls the boat in to dock at the restaurant. Back over in Hell’s kitchen the guys are wrapping all the services with plastic wrap in preparation for fumigating. Rob is doing nothing.

At the dinner table Trev tells the ladies he is glad to be on their team. He believes he is where he is supposed to be and is the reason they are winning. Ack! Look at the numbers baby; they are carrying your behind! I think his arrogance though has finally lit a fire under the ladies. Sabrina actually turns to him and says that he is lucky to be on this team. He thinks he earned his spot.