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Hell’s Kitchen, Oct. 13 – It's All in the Editing

Chef Ramsay listens to what was said. He decides to pick one person from each team. From the red team it is Nona, which pleases Sabrina. From the blue kitchen it is Rob. Sabrina is like that mold you can’t ever get rid of.

Nona tells Chef Ramsay that she never gives up and always fights through it. He believes there is something quite humble about her, but wants to see the fight. Rob basically says the same thing that Nona says. He brings up to Chef Ramsay that he had zero support and reiterates that no one stepped up to help him. Chef Ramsay turns to Russell and asks if it is true, and again he flat out lies and says he can’t do everything.

Chef Ramsay calls for Rob’s jacket. When he walks up to say his goodbye, Chef Ramsay hands him another blue jacket and tells them both to get back in line. He says that he can’t send anyone home because the service was great. I bet Rob wished he knew that before he threw Russell under the bus. It’s high fives all the way around.

Chef Ramsay tells everyone to get a good night sleep because tomorrow is going to be a bitch. He calls to Nona while she is walking out and tells her to bounce back. Personally, I think there is something he likes about her; Chef Ramsay seems to push people a little harder that he see’s something in.

Tonight is, again, a double episode. Usually I hate that because it is just too much for me, but with the clips they showed of TrevBrina exploding at each other I’m glad I didn’t have to wait.

Everyone is excused to the dorms. Vinnie and Rob are talking about how Russell threw Rob under the bus. Rob agrees with him, and they both agree they want Russell gone. Vinnie reminds me of a certain Big Brother houseguest this past year. He now has alliances with Rob to get Russell out and with Russell to get Boris out. I would imagine after Rob throwing Russell’s name up at elimination, Russell might put a hold on getting rid of Boris. No one is united this season.

It always makes me wonder, though, what game play they are thinking about. It seems too simple and basic to me. The premise is to be the last chef standing. In order to get to this place you have to not run the risk of people eliminated, especially for a stupid, off night. It would make so much more sense if a team stood united until they got rid of the other team; in doing so you minimize your chances of getting put up. That is not how anyone views it though. Had Russell helped Rob, even a little, on garnish, they would have had an almost flawless service. I guess maybe I am too much of a team player to put myself in one of these types of shows. Who am I kidding? I am a baby. The first time Chef Ramsay said you big lazy donkey and spit my food out I would be in a corner sucking my thumb.

Well onto the big showdown.The girls of Red, Gail, Nona, and Jillian know that Sabrina will never win and decide they want to watch her sink. They have the same philosophy as the guys.

Scott wakes the chefs early in the morning; they are taken to Bristol Food market to meet Chef Ramsay. It looks like a big, organic, fresh food specialty market. The challenge is going to be to create 4 stunning dishes. They will make a beef, pork, lamb and chicken dish. Jillian and Gail will be paired, since the red team is five strong. See People, Chef Ramsay is not the mean guy people make him out to be. If he were he would have teamed up Sabrina and Trev or Sabrina and Nona; oh wait, I guess Sabrina and anybody wouldn’t work.

They only have $60 per team and 20 minutes to shop. That $60 has to include their protein. Russell automatically takes charge of the blue team and they head down to the meat area. The red team seems to be run by anyone but Sabrina. Everyone is ignoring her as she is repeatedly saying what she needs for her dish. Again, it makes no sense this win is for a challenge prize. If she can’t make a decent dish, your team loses out on something wonderful.

Time stops and the teams check out. The blue team is exactly at $60. Thanks to the way they showed the receipt I now have a question asked I have though many a time. The answer is that it is a pre-tax total. The red team is not so lucky, they are $6.67 over. Everyone is mad at Sabrina because she got the most expensive bag of lentils, Trev offers up one of his chicken breasts and they are now .03 under.